Answer Monday!

Time to wrap up reader questions with the Coliseum, Dewayne Dedmon and Lane Kiffin the topics in this segment.


Q: Oneohsixseven said:

Update on Coliseum renovations? What’s happening, what’s not happening, what got moved to next year?

A: Unfortunately not a lot is happening because of the current delays regarding the lease and control of the Coliseum parking lots. USC has many improvements planned but the major ones will not occur until the lease situation gets settled.

Q: gotroy22 said:

Did Dedmon go pro because Pat Haden pushed him out the door after his antics in Spokane?

A: Andy Enfield told me that Dewayne Dedmon’s off-court issues did not play a part in his departure. Enfield said he would have preferred Dedmon stay at USC and thought he could improve his draft stock if he stayed.

Q:  L’Angelo Misterioso

Since Kiffin seems to have lost the team last year ( the Sun Bowl really showcased this ) has there ever been a coach to lose a team then get it back? I see the team quitting on him again, especially if Cody Kessler continues to outplay Max Wittek in practice and then gets passed over for the starting job and the resulting record, 7-6 or worse, finally getting this abysmal coach sent packing to a high school.

A: One thing I’ve noticed is the defensive players seem to be putting their belief in Clancy Pendergast to compensate for whatever doubts they might have at the top. The possibility exists that it can turn around but there is also a chance that once USC loses a game, the players really tune out Lane Kiffin and start worrying more about their pro stock, etc.

I think the problem with Lane Kiffin losing the team is that it is debatable how much he ever had their belief? Even back 2011, did the players really believe in him or did they simply rely on each other and some good leadership that season? If that’s the case, maybe they won’t need him to be successful this year either.

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  • TrojanConquest

    People know I’m no fan of Kiffin, but this is a no-win answer. If the team loses, it’s his fault, and if it wins it’s because of the player leadership.

    • marvgoux1

      Isn’t it obvious to even the most true believer at this point in his career of underschievement that Kiffin is a sad product of nepotism and should not even be coaching freshmen football at Hoover High?

      • Joe Blow

        Like JK McKay?

        • rusoviet

          Nah more like anyone related to vin ‘the skull dawg chevrolet’ scully – talk about breakin’ a pick – the stress….

  • rusoviet

    Wolf reminds me of the ‘SS” – when the Jews are all gone then what is their purpose?

    • gotroy22

      You forgot that the SS would always have the gypsies, homosexuals, mentally infirm and of course the French and Polish Resistance to eliminate.

      • rusoviet

        I understand per that list save it was ‘fem homosexuals’ only, the ‘butch’ homosexuals is what the ‘SS’ was overwhelmingly composed of.