One thing new track coach Caryl Smith Gilbert will discover pretty quickly: Admission standards at USC are not the same as Central Florida. In fact, they are about as opposite as you could imagine.

Her biggest challenge will be getting used to having recruits rejected that she could easily get into Central Florida.

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    That’s why they call it recruiting. …she will obviously need to take that into consideration. …God forbid our APR score drops. ….


      Like your pathetic scores could drop ANY LOWER!!!!! Your APR Scores are lower than Charlie Bucket’s stupid….oh god….oh god….I’M CHARLIE BUCKET?!?!? OH GOD NO

      • Trojan Hoarse

        “Jim Healy, that’s your lowest shot ever.”…..

      • Joe Blow

        Dude, Bucket never went anywhere.

        • TrojanFan

          I read he lived in a basement and cleaned toilet to put himself through school

  • Spedjones

    Haha, the softball of the day.

  • Spedjones

    We joke of course… it’s really hard to qualify to be a Trogan.

    • BruinTodd

      those trogan MORANS!! LOL!!!

      Wood be bruin if cood be bruin but for not gayn admittteancsion to our ive league school!!!!!


      SPED NAILS IT AGAIN. I feel all TINGLY with you MORONS not even DEFENDING your skool!!!

      Fet in Tragin!

      • TrojanFan

        Quote from bucket:


        SPED NAILS IT AGAIN. I feel all TINGLY”

        Bucket sure does love playing butt dart, Looks like Spedjones has left the closet and is how participating

    • TrojanFan

      That why you went to ucla

  • BruinTodd

    Wats you all do for yummy Tyme tonite???? I drink WOLFIE SUEP!!!

  • B.Miller

    Caryl Smith Gilbert – IS A CUTIE!