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Lane Kiffin stopped by the Coliseum for the Fox Sports 1 channel’s promotional ad being shot the past few days. The new channel’s really going to make a splash if its promos feature Kiffin. Photo/Fox Sports 1

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  • rusoviet

    Sports journalists are re-known for being lazy i.e. lack of attention paid to the AL and world champion Athletics by the Chronicle and Examiner 1972-74 and 1988-90. How is FS 1 any different? They’re ‘downtown’ and choose to record at the Coliseum – and?

    It’s FS 1 problem because they didn’t choose to go to ‘what?’ – ‘bel-air’ and record instead on top of ‘jonnie wooden’s outhouse’?

    What is the point?

    You know you’re right they could have waited for brroklyn to come back to the ravine and done another ‘suck’ piece on ‘vin ‘dawg chevrolet the skull’ scully – man it sure has been a long time since (choose one – anyone) Hoffarth, Simers, Shaklin, Plaschke, Wicker, Dwyre, Painter, Alexander et. al. ) wrote the usual ‘Oh Come Let us Adore him….’ spoon fed cro5 .

    Here’s one form me ‘Hey vin-dawg what are the odds of anyone getting a full-time broadcast job in the mlb in 2013 at 23 years of age? Any tips on how you conned the game? Ever talk to Ross Porter BTW ever stand up for mush muth when he got sacked?

    • ThaiMex

      Tappette….without a doubt, your finest post ever! Maybe you can tutor Torganfag? His messages are the same, but so much longer.
      fit on torgans

      • TrojanFan

        How’s the carpal tunnel filling? Go see Dr. T Bone, he can get you some treatment. One more thing, try aiming for the good eye