USC Finishes High In Study On Converting Talent Into Draft Picks



This chart reflects an Emory University Sports Marketing study that determined USC is the second-best school in the Pac-12 at converting talent into NBA draft picks. “The Trojans had 29% of their 4-Star recruits drafted, and had two 3-Star recruits drafted in the first round,” the study said. Read the report here.

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  • guttieman

    one more WINNER wolfman, take a knee, i GOT this!!! Another humiliating CROTCH KICK for the gutties of Fucla!!!!!!!!!!!!! OVERRATED on the harwood!!!!!


    • Joe Blow


  • Spedjones

    haha, USC takes 3* basketball recruits.

    • Joe Blow

      USC takes coal and turns them into diamonds as opposed to Filthy Woodie U that gets 5 Star players and turns them in to crap.

      • Spedjones

        LOL. Holiday, Love, Westbrook are all-stars. Where’s OJ (not the one in jail – the one who earned you some snactions) and the rest of his ilk?

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          I enjoy a tasty snaction with my coffee

          • Joe Blow

            And a shot or two of Bucket’s whipped cream.

        • Joe Blow

          All 3 are just like you……@$$holes. ROFLMAO

  • Bill

    Only in the SuC circle is having six players drafted better than having 11 players drafted!

    • CPBinDC

      FYI, Emory University in not within USC’s “circle”.