USC Morning Buzz

Former USC assistant basketball coach Gib Arnold, now the coach at Hawaii, came home Sunday to discover his house was burglarized. Among the items taken was an autographed Reggie Bush jersey that Bush signed when Arnold was at USC.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, NOTHING escapes you when it comes to all news trOXan!!!

    why the Dummies are incessantly b!tching it beyond me, i suspect it is pure jealousy.

    Quick Thought: you KNOW times are tough when someone actually steals a Reggie Bush jersey. but is really it stealing when you take a completely worthless item? if i reach onto Jethro’s yard and take a cat turd, (i have done this) could i be arrested for theft?

    • Don’t judge me, I love cat turds!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joe Blow

        I saw Bucket wearing a #5 jersey Sunday night while he was cleaning the toilets at the Union 76 station.

        • Sounds like you found my doppelgaynger

          • Joe Blow

            I actually pulled in for gas and your wife pointed you out just before checking my headers…….again. When she saw you, all she could say was “Hawr Hawr”. I drove her home…..again.

          • Charlie Bucket

            so did you refund that farmer’s money yet???? the man’s pig committed SUICIDE, man!!! good gaaaawd!!!

          • TrojanFan


          • Trojan Fan

            I’M LAME!!!


          • Bucket’s Lover

            How are you feeling this morning, after being treated like a farm animal?

            I still feel all tingly!!!!

            Quit being so hard on yourself. You have me in your life even if you’re hung like a elevator button, it’s the motion that counts

          • m00t

            OOOOOOOH! Bucket you sizzled Blowin’ Joe!!!

          • Trojan Fan

            Sweet Lover, why are you flirting with Bucket? This is the Ultimate Betrayal!!

          • Joe Blow

            Sorry to hear about your wife. May she rest in peace. I tried to pay the farmer for her but he didn’t have change for a dollar. GOOD GAAWD!!!

          • Joe Blow

            Sorry to hear about your wife. RIP
            i tried, but the farmer didn’t have change for a dollar.

          • What on God’s green earth makes you think I have a wife?

          • Joe Blow

            You don’t, the pig passed.

          • Joe Blow

            No word from Bucket. Mexican Police must have caught him in Mexico with Williams.

        • TrojanFan

          Don’t forget the #2 jersey(barkley’s new #), he was wearing it while his lover was pounding the a$$hole(ouch!), on the hood of a corvette

          • TrojanFan

            According to sources, he was also spotted wearing the #5 jersey while trolling the men’s showers,

          • Joe Blow

            I think it was a CORVAIR.

      • m00t

        Mee Too!

        • Trojan Fan

          Mee Three!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      I knew that was you!

  • TrojanFamily

    Insert Wolf comment here

    A. No word if Kiffin is the suspect
    B. wonder why they didn’t take anything signed by Kiffin
    C. Did Kiffin call the plays for this crime
    D. No word if an 8th grader committed the crime

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      E. Nothing Kiffin’s does or owns or signs is worth anything

      • Ted

        this statement is true…sadly for Southern Cal

    • gotroy22

      Then insert whiny rah rah comments.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Choice “B” is the most Wolfian.

    • B.Miller


    • Joe Blow

      You forgot “E”…..All of the Above.

  • Justinmcrane

    Lock your doors! OJ has escaped!

  • B.Miller

    Better pull and OJ and get your posse and get your stuff back!