Two-Tier System For Coaches

USC is really a fundraising machine when you look at all the construction on campus. Heritage Hall and the new swim stadium are just two current examples. And the San Jose Mercury News reports the Pac-12 received $185 million this year from ESPN and Fox.
Perhaps that is the main reason USC’s football coaching staff is the highest-paid in the country. USC is a private university but Monte Kiffin made $2 million and I’ve heard from sources that Ed Orgeron makes well more than $1 million.
That said, why do the other sports seem to be lagging right now? I previously noted USC was not prepared to pursue LSU coach Nikki Caldwell for the women’s basketball job because she was too expensive. And I’ve also heard USC was not prepared to spend more than $130,000 for a new track coach.
And what about baseball? Do you think Oregon, Oregon State, Stanford or UCLA pay more than what Frank Cruz or Dan Hubbs made? It seems odd for a school awash with riches that it would not pay to have the best coaches.
I’m not at all against who got hired in women’s basketball or track. I’m just curious why USC wouldn’t pay those coaches more?

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  • B.Miller

    Earn it.. you want more money, go out and earn what you deserve! Period!
    UCLA Baseball coach deserves more money
    Oregon St Baseball coach deserves more money..
    If Ed Orgeron makes $1mil – he deserves it
    They have all earned it..

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      You get what you pay for and USC goes cheap cheap cheap on non revenue sports and they have no reason to do so.

      • rusoviet

        Yeah funny how that women’s; water polo and golf worked out huh? Tennis coach did pretty well – get the picture ‘george harrison’? There is a reason non-revenue don;t pay much – no one watches them and thus no stream of revenue sooooo the school pours the dargent into what does generate money – football which then supports the back end of all the other efforts.

        Loved your ‘riff’ on ‘Badge’……then again Brian Jones used the sitar first regardless of what the four putzes and their acolytes claim.

        • L’Angelo Misterioso

          Hey cumface, USC is awash in money, yet they go cheap on two recent hires, but they hit the nail on the head for the politically crowd with black female hires, rah rah Haden, right cumface ?

        • L’Angelo Misterioso

          Uh, Harrison played the sitar on Norwegian Wood in 1965, Jones played it on Paint It Black in 1966. But in your pea brain, that might mean that Jones played it first.

    • Bill

      Ed Dohhh is really earning his money! Keep On Kiffin On!

      • B.Miller

        Eddy O.. has been doing his job with the Dline and the recruiting.. trust me Ed O deserves his money..

  • Spedjones

    anyone not a trogan could point out that more $$ doesn’t equal better coach. Lane is, of course, example #1 (to UN).

  • Trojan Hoarse

    “…. a school awash with riches…….” …Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed a recent trend with Wolf’s obsession over things related to money and USC?….Barkley and Woods NFL contracts…. Andy Enfields home building project…….generous donations made by distinguished alumni and friends of the university…..the salaries of the football and basketball coaches, including the assistants….and now, a comparative “analysis” our women’s basketball coach and our Track and Field coach…..and what USC should do with their allocation of the revenue that the Pac-12 received $185 million this year from ESPN and Fox….Wow…. it’s easy to spend other peoples money, isn’t it, Wolf?……I guess Scott never took an Econ class while he attended USC…. and if he did, he must have been asleep during the class where they taught Capitalism and what a free market economy is…..

    • marvgoux1

      How about less boondoggle building programs and using the money to bring in top coaches for football, basketball baseball and track?

    • Ben Factor

      Plus one. I don’t really understand the thrust of this blog entry. What exactly is Scott suggesting that USC should do?

      • gotroy22

        Less building programs and using the money saved for a decent baseball and basketball coach?

        • Ben Factor

          1. You’re unhappy with Enfield? Why so?

          2. Whom would you have hired, among those who showed willingness to take the job?

          3. Am I wrong to think that baseball is not a profit generator, and that financial aid to players is not extensive? Therefore, the much higher tuition at a private university constitutes a competitive disadvantage vs. public universities. I’m not sure that the name of the coach can consistently overcome that disadvantage. Isn’t that true of track as well?

          If USC were a business, a strategic consultant might ask: why do you want to spend a lot of money to improve your performance in an industry in which you will always face an explicit competitive disadvantage? Would it not be better for focus your limited resources on industries in which you’re not at a disadvantage, or even better, have an explicit competitive ADvantage? If you disagree with that hypothetical advice, please state your counter-argument.

          4. Which particular construction projects strike you as boondoggles? Why?

  • ThaiMex

    Sham of a school = Sh!tty Coaches/Sham Coaches.
    Fit UN Torgans!

    • Bucket’s Lover

      Click on my avatar to see charlie bucket…..What a man!

      • TrojanFan

        LOL!….He needs to work on his tan!

        • Joe Blow

          CROTCH KICK!

          • Bucket’s Lover


          • Joe Blow

            You BRUTE!

  • rusoviet

    Hey whadda’ I know save the envy huh? All that money and no ‘boom boom’ right? Then again go ask Notre Dame how it felt giving that lard a$$ Weis all those millions after sacking Willingham.

    So some hump does well at (use the USPS state two letter id) St. (or better yet some burgeoning ‘city’ i.e. Fresno or Boise how about Memphis?) – great coaches are like great leaders – prayer and a hunch pays out that or your left with a sack like that clown that ‘bel-air’ hired for their men’s basketball team.

    Kiffin goes into the Stanford game undefeated and defeats Stanford too – as to the rest no idea but know this it’s great to be a Trojan and a guaranteed farce to be an affirmative action GLBT fa%%ot with their ‘festive’ majors…..

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Did you use Ebonics in your post ?

  • uscvictory

    Pat Haden is a sell out.