USC Used Extensively In Fox Sports Promo

foxsports1I previously mentioned Fox Sports used the Coliseum, Lane Kiffin and some people in USC uniforms for a commercial promoting the new Fox Sports 1 channel. The network also used the Galen Center for the ad to shoot basketball and boxing scenes. The ad debuts July 16 during the telecast of the Major League Baseball all-star game.

6 thoughts on “USC Used Extensively In Fox Sports Promo

  1. Why wouldn’t they (Fox Sports) – the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is the most iconic and extant stadium left in the USA. Nothing come close to this truly historic structure – nothing!

    ‘blank’ ‘naw yawk’ – what drives those back end of donkeys nuts is the fact we (LA) are still here – consider ‘naw yawk’ made sure all bowed to them and always deferred to their ‘genius’ then once the miscreant ‘knew’ their place they were once again permitted to enter the servants entrance for their assigned place in terms of order and decorum always making note of ‘naw yawk’ being paramount.

    Understand what drive ‘naw yawk’ nuts is the fact we (Los Angeles) shouldn’t be here i.e. largest man made harbor in the world – longest conveyance system of water for a municipality in the world and best of all the last place for anyone on this earth to come and re-make their life.

    ‘blank’ ‘naw yawk’ and ‘frisco’ – eat our exhaust from dawgs back end – opps almost forgot – Up Vinnie the ‘vin dawg’ chevrolet ‘de skull’ back end Scully.
    ‘Ha cha cha cha cha cha – vin-dawg

  2. Is Fox Sports 1 the loser and underachievement channel? They have Mr Personality promoting the channel?

  3. Kiffin without his Dennys Menu…he must be calling for another Bubble screen…

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