USC Leads Nation In National Titles This Year

USC was the only school in the country this year to win three national titles. Oregon, Princeton, North Carolina, Florida and Michigan were the only other schools to win multiple NCAA crowns this season.

So that leads to an obvious question: Do two water polo and a women’s golf title make up for a 7-6 football season? Or let’s make it tougher: Do those titles obscure a baseball program in shambles or underachieving basketball programs?

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Yea, but 109 Natties!!…. 109 Natties!!!!…. 109 Natties!!!!!!!!…. don’t upset C-Buck, Wolfman…….

  • Trojan Hoarse

    These titles stand on their own merit and the teams/individuals deserve the recognition that they have received… if you really think that winning these titles in some way “obscure” the deficiencies in the other programs, as you have stated, then you are insulting the intelligence of the USC fans and doing a complete disservice to the teams who have won their respective national titles….you are also ignoring the proactive changes that the university have made with respect to the basketball programs……..your backhanded compliment is petty and mean spirited…….

  • Joe Blow

    Or ThaiMex

  • Spedjones

    I see what Scott’s doing here – he’s asking trogies if they’d rather win football and baseball or golf and water polo. We all know the answer.

    BTW, how’d SC do in the Capital One Cup? I think UCLA won, but am not sure (snicker… of course I’m sure – #8clap #scsucksballs #1toUn).

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Better to be dead than Sped……..

    • Caster Troy

      Haha wow did you really just use hashtags on this blog? What a douchbag lol

  • ThaiMex

    Your entire school would be better off if run by MONKEYS compared to the idiots currently in charge.
    fit UN Torgans!

  • B.Miller

    Dumb questions.. first of all college Football is the biggest revenue.. So it comes first.. I dont care if USC won a National title in every other sport.. NOTHING MAKES UP FOR USC GOING 7-6..

    All your other question are irrelevant.

  • B.Miller

    A HOT BLACK FEMALE like the track coach!