John Battle Commits To LSU

As expected, cornerback John Battle committed to LSU over USC. Knowing the value of verbal commitments, USC will also continue to recruit Battle until Signing Day.

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  • Jethro G Sabbath

    Helen, What’s your deal?

    • Charlie Bucket

      take a knee, Helen, i GOT THIS!!

      Jezro, have you completely LOST your powers of deduction?? the story is all there.

      Helen is clearly a woman of refinement, noted by her selection of the work of English Pre-Raphaelite artist, Frederick Sandys. a bold, yet unpretentious choice.

      Note the determined, almost insolent countenance of the subject. From this we gather Helen is a woman of strong character. Not afraid to enter this domain of classless Dummies and Bruin intellectuals.

      from her use of the term Hullabaloo, i take it she listened to Dodger broadcasts in her youth, making it likely she grew up in So CA and her father was a fervent sports fan….thus the genesis of her sports knowledge.

      Finally, we know she probably went to Southern Cal and is possibly named Helen herself given the subject of the painting is none other than Helen of Troy.

      Jezro, as you are aware, as with all my comments, soon there will be a half dozen vulgar comments to follow, so please don’t exacerbate the situation further by accusing this woman of being a Bucket creation, tell me that’s not where you’re going with this???

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        I’ve had my suspicions about you being responsible for a number of characters on here but this one is different. This time you have shown nothing but remarkable powers of observation so i think we can close the book on this one and move on.

        Do you think there is any chance she had a Hall of Fame career as a wide receiver for the Detroit Lions?

        • Charlie Bucket

          now that’s what i’m TALKIN’ ’bout!!!

      • TrojanFan

        After taking one look at your ex-wife helen, I can see why you went rogue and turned gay

        Helen is a lame-a$$ handle….LOL!!!

  • TrojanFan

    Dude, you are obsessed with anything related to USC….what a maniac. Does your mother approve of this behavior?

    • Trojan Hoarse

      His Mother?….This dude is Norman Bates from Psycho……..he IS his own Mother…….