USC Golfers Everywhere At U.S. Women’s Open

There are 11 former or current USC golfers participating at the U.S. Women’s Open and Lizette Salas is currently three strokes off the lead. Another former Trojan, Jennifer Rosales, is five shots back. And current USC golfer Doris Chen is eight shots behind.

7 thoughts on “USC Golfers Everywhere At U.S. Women’s Open

  1. Glad to hear SUCks competes in Womens Golf and Crew, because everyone know Mens Football, Basketball and Baseball are in the toilet. Gotta SUCk to be a torgan right now.
    fit UN torgans!

    • Yes, Bounced-Chex….you have finally succeeded in pushing us all over the edge…..because of the current state of affairs of our major men’s sports teams, we have all been severely depressed, without exception, and have been on around the clock suicide watch ……I, for one, have doubled my meds just to be able to cope with yet another dreary season of USC Football on the horizon…….I was thinking of taking a class at Cal State Fullerton, just so I could call myself a Titan, instead of a Trojan…….Ohhhhhh, the humanity!!!!!!

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