Andy Enfield Offers 6-8 Mater Dei Freshman Billy Preston

Why should Lane Kiffin have all the fun offering seventh-and-eighth graders? Andy Enfield got into the act and offered incoming Mater Dei freshman Billy Preston, who graduates in 2017.

Enfield still has a way to go to catch Tim Floyd, who got a commitment from 8th-grade point guard Ryan Boatright, who was later dropped by Kevin O’Neill. Boatright is currently starting at UConn.

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USC All-American Harry Smith Dies

Harry Smith, an offensive pulling guard who was a two-time All-American and played on Rose Bowl champion teams in the 1938 and ’39 seasons, has died. He was 94. Smith’s nickname was “Blackjack” because he wore a cast on his hand during the 1939 season.

Smith was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame, became an assistant coach at USC and Missouri, where he coached for 15 years.  He also was the head coach of the CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders in 1951.

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Stat Of The Day

USC was one of the worst teams against the spread last season and will need to improve that number for success this season (and to keep alums happy).

Virginia 2-9-1

USC, Air Force 3-10

Southern Miss.; Kentucky,  Illinois, Idaho, Colorado, Cal 3-9

South Florida 3-8-1


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Who Is `Doing Work?’

An annoying phrase I’m seeing lately on twitter and elsewhere occurs whenever a recruit commits to USC or elsewhere. Someone inevitably remarks that the coach or coaches are “doing work.”

Really? They’re working? I thought USC paid some of its football assistant coaches seven figures to play basketball at lunch time. They actually do their jobs? If a recruit commits to USC, a coach is doing what he is expected to do: Get athletes.

It’s not worth a pat on the head that isn’t even logical. What happens when a recruit goes to another school? Is the assistant “not doing work?”

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Here’s UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero fulfilling Larry Scott’s request to plug the Pac-12 Network. But he doesn’t tell anyone to drop DirecTV. Cut, Take 2!

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USC Morning Buzz


You knew Oregon (and Nike owner Phil Knight) were not going to just sit still when USC built the McKay Center. And here it is, the new Football Performance Center. Knight actually donated money to the McKay Center and attended last year’s opening ceremony.

Those are 64 55-inch TV screens in the lobby, by the way.

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Matt Barkley: Being Backup `Not A Plan’

Former USC QB Matt Barkley is currently the No. 3 quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and in an interview with the WIP Morning Show, said, “I’m still on the learning curve, to where I kind of have more questions than answers with the offense.”
But Barkley also said, “That’s not a plan to be a backup.”
A recap of his interview is here.

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