Senior point guard Jordan McLaughlin of Eitwanda High School at the Galen Center.

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  • Trojan Hoarse


  • Charlie Bucket

    NEWSFLASH!!!!!: (dateline- Egypt) take a knee, wolfman, i GOT THIS!!!

    trOXan alum Mohamed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood have been given 24 hrs to leave town by none other than the Egyptian Army!!!

    oh well, he can always teach Muslim Extremism at Southern Cal!!! $200k a week might now cut it though!!!
    the fact that he speaks NOT A WORD of ENGLISH should not be a problem!!! he GRADUATED, didn’t he???

    MAN! ain’t NUTHIN’ going right you Dummies these days!!!

    oh, how it SUCKS to be you!!!!!


    • WEB_Dupree

      Santiago Matamoros from Wang’s blog, have you been posting as Bucket all these years?

      • Charlie Bucket

        dont know who he is…did he also comment on Southern Cal’s former BMOC??

        i dont comment on the UCLA blog although i check it maybe once every other day. i miss Brian Dohn who used to answer some questions: “i don’t know, nor do i care.” Sugar Sweeeet!!

        • TrojanFan

          bucket quote:

          “i dont comment on the UCLA blog although i check it maybe once every other day”

          Hey bucket, that’s exactly why you been named ‘TROLL OF THE YEAR” for the last four consecutive years
          Quite the obsession!!!

          TROLL ON!!!

    • B.Miller

      In the words of Charlie bucket.. “Wolf take a knee, I got this..
      seems like FUCLA Assistant AD is in bit of trouble over online s*x chat with Minors..