USC Adds WR Aaron Minor

Knee injuries to George Farmer and Steven Mitchell no doubt convinced Lane Kiffin he needed another receiver, especially with five-or-so scholarships available. The Trojans took Mayfair wide receiver Aaron Minor, who caught 44 passes for 527 yards and five touchdowns. Story here.

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  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Good for him. Hope he does well at USC but more importantly, take advantage of the education they will offer you.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Nice story…. Fight on, Aaron…..LM is 100% correct…. use your football skills as a tool to get your education……Welcome to the Trojan Family…..

  • Ted

    Nice story for the young man but this young man does not possess D1 talent let alone southern cal worthy talent. Maybe the WR stable maybe weaker then Kiffin leads on…

    • Trojan Hoarse

      They are clearly thin and inexperienced at WR……I really don’t think that Kiffin could keep that a secret if he tried. ….

    • Ben Factor

      Plus 1 on first sentence.

      Second sentence is less compelling. Let’s see: Lee, Agholor, Blackwell, Rogers, and Flournoy.

      Multiple choice:

      Here’s how Aaron will help: _______________

      Aaron’s contribution will be _______________. We can expect him to catch __________ number of passes, and to play __________ number of minutes.

      WR is thin compared to TE? LT? RT? Center? Or is it CB, or inside LB?

      There probably is an explanation for this, but it does not seem to have surfaced as of yet.