USC Morning Buzz

Former USC QB Matt Barkley is getting married today in Newport Beach to his college sweetheart, Brittany Langdon. Eagles fans are happy because he scheduled the wedding so he would not miss practices. Eagles cornerback Cary Williams drew the ire of fans earlier in the year when he missed workouts to get married.

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  • Helen

    Congratulations to Matt. I don’t think he ever lived up to the hype as a football player (most don’t), but as a person and student he was outstanding. I would rather have Matt Barkley representing USC than Reggie Bush.

    • Joe Blow

      I hope he lives up to it tonight.

    • Charlie Bucket

      well, one thing’s for sure, the will be PLENTY of video cameras rolling!!!

      oh for crissakes, i hope he doesn’t get that blasted scared look he got during close games.

      well, congrats, kid, you don’t have to be TOO Pious tonight!! ; )

    • B.Miller

      Maybe he did, but as USC fans our expectations were to high, and coaching didnt help

  • ThaiMex

    I guess all those stories of The Bachelor Party in Haiti were true (did Elmir really supply the GOAT?…he’s a sick bast@rd) ….Barney of Bedrock, will soon become the “Pious Prenup One”….Too bad Brittany didn’t convince Barney to leave LIMBO U a year earlier….she could have used the extra $$$$$ to FIX that “Horse like” set of CHOMPERS.
    fit UN torgans!

  • mark

    “College sweetheart”? Didn’t she go to college in Seattle? They’ve known each other since pre-school. Nothing to do with college.

    • Charlie Bucket

      well if they were sweethearts while they were in college, (wolfman didn’t say it was the SAME college) they were college sweethearts!!!

      look Mark, the wolfman has been on this beat for three decades. if he says they were college sweethearts, THEY WERE COLLEGE SWEETHEARTS!!!

      you have a good day, Sir.