USC Target Stanley Johnson At LeBron James Camp

The Mater Dei basketball player is competing this weekend at the LeBron James Skills Camp in Las Vegas. Johnson (6-8, 226) is down to eight schools: Arizona, Kentucky, Florida, UCLA, USC, Duke, Oregon and Kansas.

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  • ThaiMex

    Ariz, kentucky, florida, ucla, oregon, kansas, AND sSUCks? Something here stands out, for all the USUAL WRONG reasons. You guys SUCk….always have, always will…Go back to the neaderthal A.D…..yea the guy that closely resembled a great “SILVER BACK”….when he introduced JOHN (ahem….,George) Raveling as head coach!
    Just like SHAZZZZZZZAM, Johnson isn’t going anywhere near South Central!
    fit UN torgans!
    U Stupid Clowns are a joke