Answer Monday!

In this segment, questions about tailback Ty Isaac and how much USC pays its coaches.

Q: Jay said

Hi Scott,

Other than learning the play book, how does Ty Issac from what you may have seen, look in person as far as speed, physical tools etc, compared to the other backs ?

A: He has not played in pads yet like the other backs but one thing that immediately stands out is his size (6-3, 225). The only other back that compares to him physically is Tre Madden. Even though he is big, Isaac has good hands and can catch passes out of the backfield. He is a unique combination of speed and size. The key, of course, will be when the pads go on in training camp to see how he does against a college defense.

I do think he can fill a role, however, as a power/receiving back.

Q: L’Angelo Misterioso

Why does USC time after time after time go cheap on non revenue head coaches ? The recent hires for women’s basketball and the track program seem to be done on the cheap when far more qualified and established coaches were available. Does the school not have the money to pay for a top level coach for these sports ? IMO, USC should be challenging for NC’s in every sport they offer simply due to the fact that they are in a huge metro area as well as the academic draw, having poor non revenue sports is unacceptable.

A: The feeling inside the dept. is that those sports simply do not merit spending millions or high-six figures because of the revenue they generate.

Now the recent million-dollar offer to UCLA baseball coach John Savage goes against that theory but I believe that was a special event: Pat Haden knows baseball’s tradition and importance to some alumni. He also knew Savage’s ties to USC. So he made an out-of-the-box offer. But now that Savage turned USC down, it looks like normal service is being resumed with interim coach Dan Hubbs getting hired.

Haden’s said baseball is a “conundrum” and he saw Savage as a rare chance to fix it. But with the other sports, keeping the salary down was definitely an issue. Apparently all that Pac-12 money isn’t making a difference in this area.

Q: Guest said:

After this final year of scholarship reductions, the team will really need to restock the roster. I believe there will be about 30-40 spots open. Can the football team sign this many recruits at once? Will they have to gray shirt guys to make it work?


A : The most players a school can sign in February is 25. Now schools often bring in 30-or-more players but that is because they can save scholarships from the previous year and then use them for mid-year signees.

  • TrojanConquest

    L’Angelo…SC as an expensive private school can’t compete in sports that have restricted scholarship numbers. Baseball is perfect example. With only 11.7 scholarships available, most players get only a partial scholarship. With even a half scholarship, it would still cost a student close to $30K to attend SC. Having 3 daughters I’m all for equality, but Title 9 has ruined much of college sports. Arizona has many great baseball players, but only 4 in-state colleges with baseball. So many of these players need to go out of state, get partial scholarships, and have to come up with out-of-state tuition.

    • Charlie Bucket

      this is NO EXCUSE!! Stanford has destroyed this myth!! (as validated by the wolfman!!!)

      Southern Cal can pony up the tuition just like Stanford does, or is they dont have the cash money???

      why all the bragging about how rich Southern Cal is??? are they the ultimate Ford Granada school trying to pass themselves off as a Mercedes Benz???

      • TrojanConquest

        Normally would never respond to this clown, but want to point out facts. Stanford pays free tuition for all students who families make less than $100K, and include room & board for those under $60K. This is great for them, but I’ve got to think this is the only Div 1 private school that has this ability. By the way, I’d never question a player who chooses Stanford because it’s a great school. I’d say the same for UCLA. I’m not a hater who has no fracking life.

        • Charlie Bucket

          who you calling clown, you jive turkey???

          you don’t find it queeer that Southern Cal who has always embraced the image of being the spoiled rich kid’s school, is financially embarrassed by Stanford??

          maybe UCLA can send you guys some financial aid!!!


          • TrojanConquest

            Every kid I know who recently attended SC and needed financial aid has received it. Yeah, and UCLA being part of the financially strapped California has a hard enough time paying for their own requirements.

          • Spedjones

            so what’s the point then? If financial aid is available at SC, how is Stanford at an advantage here?

          • Weinst

            I posted on this earlier. Stanford’s endowment per UG student is more than 10 times as large as USC’s (over $2 million to around $200,000). USC simply cannot afford the blanket financial aid that Stanford doles out. One might also ask what your perception of the reason USC exists is? Are we a University in the truest sense, or would you like to see us be an athletic program with a few classes attached. USC’s stronger academic priorities benefit all our students, and all our alums who now have degrees from a school with a serious academic reputation.

          • TrojanConquest

            I guess your name doesn’t reflect your mental capacity. You can’t give athletics scholarships for academics to get around not giving them an athletic scholarship. The NCAA is very clear about this. Stanford must get around this by offering the same thing to all students who qualify. They are still at a disadvantage for kids with parents making over $100K, whereas a public school has a lower cost tuition.

          • gotroy22

            So you are agreeing there is no excuse for us sucking at baseball since Gillespie left.

        • Spedjones

          So tennis players, water polo players, golf, most swimmers, many baseball players etc. get what? You gotta be rich to play in the first place, save for track, football and basketball. How many tennis players have parents who don’t make a combined $100k?

      • TrojanFan

        You need some intervention. The denial is deep rooted

        Quit acting like a 8===D and antagonizing everyone every chance you get.

        Fellow ruin fans are embarrassed of you. Try showing a little self respect

        • grave soul

          Quiet, ya damned fool! Your comments make no sense and are out of order. While Sir Charles Bucket sometimes flirts with the edges, he is much more clever than the top 10 Trojans fans that post on this here little blog put together and, thus, is the bane of your and their existence!

          • TrojanFan

            Bucket, 2:00am and you’re still trolling, pathetic