17 thoughts on “Lane Kiffin Named One Of Nation’s Worst Coaches

  1. That must make you very happy. Good thing they don’t rate the WORST sports writers.

  2. Interesting that SI base this conclusion on one year’s won-lost record. Yet the top 10 best coaches were based on their career record.

      • No, because Spurrier and Saban both washed out in organizations that, for the most part, provided much more support than the Raiders in Al Davis’ last few years (post-Gruden).

      • Pete Carroll was the previous #1 Best Coach yet he was an NFL bust prior to joining USC. Just sayin’, SI’s logic is almost as flawed as Scottie’s logic.

    • As a head coach, GOAT BOY’s career W/L record is almost 500….What’s your point sexy?
      fit UN torgan!

  3. SI, aka “the Bible, ” coming up big on this one!!

    poor Dummies, it’s bad enough you have the wolf and the Classy Cadre giving dual Bend-it-like-Beckham kicks to the trOXans’ crotch!!! but now even SI is joining this Southern Cal Crotch Kicking Frenzy!!!



    • Get the cranium checked out. The denial is deep rooted. Dr. T Bone offered to give cadre members a deep discount.

  4. I just love how this USC blog is so positive for USC. Keep trashing our school Scott. Thats why the trolls like Charlie LIVE HERE. But thats a different issue. Those are obviously people with no lives, who love to “hang out” at their rival’s site, and trash all they can. Sick people.

  5. USC Will return to greatness after a while. Its in their genes, even Alabama had 2 years of bad football and then the alumni demanded a new coach. USC will finally do the same thing. patience patience…………..

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