Andy Enfield In Indianapolis

USC basketball coach Andy Enfield is in Indianapolis today watching prospects at the Adidas Invitational. One player he is watching tonight is 6-9 junior forward Chase Jeter of Las Vegas.

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  • rusoviet

    Sweet – ‘imagine if you will’ jonnie whitebread deigning to actually ‘visit’ a prospect….I’ll defer to tap$^^$ – did St. John ‘The Divine’ ever visit anyone? Inquiring minds want to know white bread — tell us did ‘the commode’ ever do thus? I’m guessing a big ‘NO’ after all ‘jonnie’ understood come the end of his play in 1975 he’d actually have to go out and ‘find’ some players – the days of ‘the entire USA is racist’ tune wasn’t the smart play – poor ‘jonnie’ – oh the horror…..

    Lovin’ the scam the morons at ‘U Clowns Lost Again’ signed onto – Alford is your ‘Rune of the Ancient Mariner’ – what an ‘albatross’ – problem is no coin to get rid of the hump….

    • TrojanFan

      Did someone spike your punch?

      By the way, the kid is a 2015 recruit from Bishop Gorman. The same HS that produced Shabazz Muhammad

      • rusoviet

        No did you do a ‘doobie’ on West 28th with ‘Lewinsjy/Klintonska’ – ‘Lewinsky/Klintonska’ inquired if I even belonged to ‘T&G’…hmmm …. well it’s like this when I went to Troy the putzes on West 28th Street went there to get their ‘LACC’ pedigree lined up…how’s yours doing?

        Hey I’m watching the Angels shove it up the Cubs back e&d – sweet 13 – 2 in the bottom of the 9th….only thing missing is gandpa vin-dawg boring anyone with a brain on what a genius he is….ha cha cha cha cha cha – vin-dawg Chevrolet the skull…”Everybody loves me except that lousy ‘bolshevik’…

        LAA 13 – CHC 2! Final on to SEA and Brooklyn well let’s let ‘vin-dawg’ tell us why he’s a genius shan’t we?