Answer Wednesday!

Time to answer a few more reader questions.

Q: Jethro G Sabbath said:


With your relentless coverage of the current exploits of Matt Barkley and Pete Carroll do you think a more appropriate name for this site might be “Things Tangentially Related to USC”?

A: I do not think it is inappropriate to mention perhaps the greatest USC coach in history or the starting quarterback of the past four years. They remain iconic figures for USC. I think it is safe to say a lot of USC fans wish Carroll would come back.

Q: marvgoux1 said:

Is it true Barbara Hedges was elected to the USC Hall of Fame for her undercover work destroying the #1 ranked UW football program from the inside?

A: I never thought of it that way but now that you mention it, why not? Although let’s face it, Washington destroyed itself in many ways that have nothing to do with Hedges.

Q: SCFTBL1 said:

Were either George Horton or Pat Murphy candidates for the baseball job? I really like Murphy but there is NCAA baggage.

A:  My understanding is neither were candidates. I’m surprised there was no effort to hire Horton, especially if USC was prepared to pay John Savage $1 million. Pat Murphy’s got a volatile reputation and NCAA baggage so he does not fit the profile USC seeks these days.

The only negative I could see with Horton is age (59), but I don’t think anyone in baseball believes he would not succeed at USC.

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  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    USC coaching search for baseball in a nutshell. Threw 1 million at Savage, he declined, kept Hubbs, THERE WAS NO SEARCH !

    • Joe Blow

      You are CORRECT. SC Athletics is going down the drain. The baseball program smells almost as bad as Mrs Bucket’s undies.

      • Charlie Bucket


        ; )

    • marvgoux1

      Very sad. Scott should ask Dodger Coach and SC alum Mark McGwire his opinion of Pat Haden’s performance.

      • SCFTBL1

        How about Lasorda’s opinion of Kingman’s performance or Mike Rae’s caddy?

  • Charlie Bucket

    Jezro: how does it feel to once again suffer the Claw of the Wolfman???

    while the wolfman and i seem operate on the same lofty wavelength, the wolfman tends to pummel you trOXans like Clubber Lang vs Mr Furley!!!

    Jezro, you shouldda NEVER come back!!!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Bucket standing up for Barkley – that’s odd.

      You guys both spell my name with “z”. Hmmm.

      • Charlie Bucket

        Jezro: the wolfman just stated a fact– that Pious Passer was a four year starter….how is that sticking up?? anyways, wolfman ALSO pointed out Pious/Kiffs zero comeback record…..sublime!!!

  • ThaiMex

    Jezzro….are you ill? You appear to be CREEPY SICK! It’s one thing to get your rear end kicked by us on a regularly basis, but to ask such a DUMB QUESTION during a HIGH PROFILE Q & A session?

    And you wonder why people avoid you.
    fit UN torgan!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Keep telling yourself that’s what happened and you might start to believe it.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    “….the greatest coach in USC history…..”……you heard it here first from Scott Wolf, folks……John McKay, Howard Jones, even Rod Dedeaux would be most impressed. …

  • B.Miller

    I have 2 questions for Scott Wolf..

    Does Charlie Bucket, Spedjones, and ThaiMex spend more time on the USC blog than on the UCLA blog? they all seem to know more about USC Athletics than they do UCLA, and none of them argue Facts.. My question is… ARE THEY LAME?

    • Charlie Bucket

      take a knee, wolfman, i GOT THIS!!!!

      1) probably
      2) if dominating the Southern Cal blog is “lame” then they they don’t want to be un-lame!!!!!