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Michael Owen Baker/Daily News

So how is USC coach Andy Enfield doing three months into the job? Here’s my look at Enfield, who seems organized and earnest in his approach to turning around the basketball program. But will he win?
“Sure, there is an extreme pressure to win, but you want a fun style of play and to create energy about the program,” Enfield said. “Between the USC brand and our style of play, it’s already helped in recruiting.”

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  • ThaiMex

    So…, Andy wanted a bigger office (for the COUCH). I guess he studied “Goat Boy” and figured that if Goat Boy, can have a couch in his office, and SLEEP ON THE JOB, why can’t he? Media savvy “Insiders”, like “US”….crack up when Goat Boy gives tours of his office and likes to point to the Couch, and let people know that’s where he sleeps during the Football Season (night and day). Sheech….What a Jerk!
    You knuckleheads pay that Clown how much? Who hired that dope. Must have been the same guy who authorized the purchase of those $436 Hammers by the Government a few years ago.
    fit UN torgan!

    • TrojanFamily

      My God, you are dumber than a box of hammers.

      • ThaiMex

        Do you like Gladiator movies?
        fit UN Torgans!

        • TrojanFan

          I’m sure you appreciate the movies with men(boys) parading around in loincloths….ouch!!

      • TrojanFan

        Definitely a tool!

  • Charlie Bucket

    Memo to Cadre (Cadre Eyes ONLY)

    i am calling an emergency meeting at Cadre HQ. we HAVE to do something about this Ray Reyes guy (No-Neck).

    i used to plow through these trOXans Dummies like a young Mike Tyson going up against Mr Furley!!! But this Reyes guy is jabbing me like BUSTER DOUGLAS!!! i can’t hold him off much longer! He is in my head with this pick a number thing….what is this, some kind of Jedi Mind Trick??

    i need ALL CADRE to hit this guy with everything we got!!

    Yoda: i need some of that intergalactic wisdom working here!
    Count: hit him with your Transylvanian Trash Talk!!!
    Thai: i need some after-hours zingers to keep him off
    Sped, research: i want everything on this guy! Does he have any weaknesses? Allergies? Habits?
    Tendencies?? Is he right handed? WORK THE PROBLEM, PEOPLE!!

    This dude represents the biggest threat to the Cadre yet. So, ARE YOU UP FOR THE CHALLENGE???

    Group Howl on three!!


    • WEB_Dupree

      In such an emergency, you need to combine all your handles so that they come together like Voltron and form… Count YoBuck.

      • Charlie Bucket

        this is serious business. and you shouldn’t even have read this. you were excommunicated from the Cadre years ago.

        • TrojanFan

          Bucket, I had a conversation with your mom. She said, if you don’t get your chores done the internet will be turned off……

          All of us on this blog would like for you to skip-out on the chores….please!

          PS…quit acting like a 8===D and antagonizing everyone.

    • TrojanFan

      Memo to cade: How about more butt dart tournaments and less posting. Since butt dart championships is your claim to a dynasty

    • ted

      If Ray Reyes is your new alter-ego, it is ingenious had me laughing out loud for real. Come on Charlie “Choose a Number” lol

  • rusoviet

    Good article on a great guy – BTW the coach for the bel-airians was able to negotiate a mutual defense pact – if either side (school – Altford) calls it quits in < 4 years then a fixed constant of $2.4 mil. is owed per year left. This shows who got the better deal – clearly Alford – they'll be desperate to dump him in < 2years based on the time it took to choose him Dan Guerrero "Let's see whose left hmmmm Bulter? No hmm VCU? Nah…Providence? Opps….Hey how 'bout Rick Majerus? What? He's what? Are you sure? Man ok let's keep reading the list willing to worship 'jonnie'. Hey here's a guy who wins more than he loses let's give him a call and if declines well give Abdul Rachman a call and see if he wants to come back.

  • B.Miller

    He’s build excitement in his 3 months.. but real question.. WILL HE WIN?

  • ted

    Ray Reyes where are you? “You are our only hope” lol