Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin In The Morning Buzz


I’ve been told by a couple sources to keep an eye on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin in the event USC decides to make a coaching change after the season. Franklin won a school-record nine games at Vanderbilt last season and is a hot name in coaching circles.
Now if USC has a good season, there will not be a coaching change. But it is worth noting that when USC athletic director Pat Haden hired Andy Enfield as the basketball coach, he said he compiled a list of candidates for about a year before he replaced Kevin O’Neill.

And right now I’ve heard Franklin’s name from two independent sources.

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    The name at the top of the list should be Jack Del Rio!

    • gotroy22

      But it makes sense Pat Haden would go for the “Ivy League of the South” coach.

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        Well, he does want to be the ” Notre Dame ” of the west ! Or is it the “Stanford of the So Cal “?

    • Independent_George

      I guarantee that there will be no more “Pro to College” coaches at USC for quite a while, unless the rare one like a David Shaw or a Bill O’Brien shows interest.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Oh please no. Dl Rio is not what USC needs.

  • TrojanFan

    Was betomas in your ear again with inside info. Quit sleeping with the enemy

  • TrojanConquest

    Chris Pertersen, Kevin Sumlin, Charlie Strong.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      CP has ZERO interest in leaving BSU, ZERO.

      • TrojanConquest

        Until he does.

  • Charlie Bucket

    listen Dummies, if the wolfman reports it, you can take it to the BANK!! and that’s the name of that tune!!

    thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!

    • TrojanFan

      The source was a “tool” just like you. Which equals zero credibility

      Your mom needs you to find a job. The meal ticket is about to expire!!!….ouch!

      How about a few crotch kicks to get you motivated!!!!!

      • Joe Blow

        TF, how dare you. S Bucket HAS a job. Slops his pig every night!

        • Charlie Bucket

          still eating at you huh???

          ; )


          • Joe Blow

            Sounds just like her after she finishes off TF

          • Charlie Bucket

            Gaaawd!!! if you just pay the farmer back his dang money, we can put this to bed!!


          • Joe Blow

            She’s IN BED with the farmer. And anyone else that asks.

  • Ben Factor

    USC’s “problem” is that 7 of the top 20 recruiting teams are in the SEC. The concentration of best recruits is now in the South, not in California. I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say to a recruit: “If you want to compete with the best, in practice and in games, go to the SEC.”

    Sumlin has a winning situation: only Texas member of the SEC. If I were he, I wouldn’t leave.

    Petersen has never shown interest in urban life, has he?

    Strong is interesting, although his background is in the South, and he may want to coach in the SEC, an opportunity that will present itself.

    USC cannot quite make the same claim as the SEC makes. However, it is a better school (except Vanderbilt), it is super-urban, it is the media center, and its weather is better. And tradition counts, although less to this generation of prospects.

    What PC had was the personality to take advantage of USC’s strengths in the U.S.’s media-based culture. He had a great flair for marketing, and for associating USC with celebrities, with hip/slick/cool, and with fun.

    Given USC’s disadvantages in not being in the South, the strategy to climb that ultimate peak should probably include that facility with media marketing. And if LK is going to stay, he ought to work at improving at that. He has the right look, family, and coaching pedigree. He needs to tune himself to USC’s pluses and minuses, and to exploit the former better.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Reasonable posts like this will get you banned from this blog.

    • TrojanConquest

      Great post. I’d ad that Pete exploited the positives of being in the entertainment capital of the world.Many athletes think they are going to be announcers or movie stars after football. Yes Sumlin is the only Texas school in the SEC, but the competition is tougher in the SEC. You don’t think of A&M as the top program in the SEC. SC is the top program in the Pac12.

    • marvgoux1

      How many Californians are going to want to play in the Deep South? Last February we watched the specter of Lane Kiffin actually repelling natural SC recruits thanks to his incompetent ’12 campaign. I’m surprised at so many Trojans seeming to accept that we can’t compete in football, basketball,track or baseball instead of demanding excellence in our administration and coaching staff. fucla showed what a difference a competent coach can make even at that perennial football and baseball underachiever.

      • Ben Factor

        I never suggested that USC cannot compete in football. I was discussing what kinds of challenges USC must overcome, and what kinds of resources it has to overcome them.

      • Ben Factor

        I agree about Californians going to the South. The issue is that such a large share of the best Div. 1 players grow up in the South. Florida, in particular, is a dramatic outlier. When I saw the Rivals stats, I wrote to the Rivals statistician to suggest his possible error. He wrote back; it wasn’t an error! It’s just a statistical fact that USC must deal with.

        If CA developed Div. 1 players in proportion to its population, USC would be #1 EVERY year. UCLA would probably be #2.

  • Joe Blow

    You all better hope there are NO names and we start winning again.

  • Independent_George

    How Franklin handles the rape allegations will be key as to whether he remains a hot name.

    Other than that, Franklin seems to possess what Haden wants in a coach. The other one is Pat Fitzgerald, but NU runs a spread option, and I think Haden is on board with the idea that USC will remain a pro-style team on offense.

    The SEC is the top conference because the South produces front seven players in bulk. It’s why Lane likes to go to the South for the Leonard Williams’s of the world. You can find elite level defensive linemen in Cali, just not enough to create depth. That may also be why Lane has switched to a 3-4/5-2 scheme (USC had been a 4-3 school ever since Paul Brown moved Bill Willis off the nose to a standing position a few yards behind the line of scrimmage), because with the Pac-12 becoming more competitive across the board, there are more teams competiting for the limited supply.

    I dunno though. Just thinking. But then I guess this is the wrong place to do that, so I better get with the program. So here it goes . . .

    Wolf sucks.

    Kiffin sucks.

    Haden sucks.

    Bucket is a bedwetter.

    Yada yada yada . . .

    • Charlie Bucket

      i’m 67 yrs old, accidents gonna happen, brah

      • TrojanFan

        67, that’s half your problem!…..ouch!!!!

      • WEB_Dupree

        So you were already about 25 years old when you went to see the Wonka movie, and yet it made such an impact? Or were you busy in Nam?

        • Charlie Bucket

          i actually saw it in Hanoi. i was guarding Jane Fonda during one of her fact finding missions. she was invited to the North Vietnam premier of the film, so i saw it too.

          they invented kettle pop corn there in the 70’s by the way. it’s sublime…

          • WEB_Dupree

            Pretty sure it was invented by an Amish mad scientist.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            “Fact finding mission”?….with Hanoi Jane???….hahaha…so what fact did you find?…..that she sucked in Barbarella?….

          • TrojanFan

            A TV screen was about as close as you got to Nam!

            Life in the basement was too good at the time, remember

    • rusoviet

      Hey ‘Jorge’ I like your posts, cuz’ you actually bring something to the discussion instead of the usual mocking –

      The whole conference is primed to rise with a full year (save CO and CA) with 1 yr. or more experience as HC and Dykes and MacIntyre are both ready to move – the curse for the conference was the collection prior to 2011 – WA, CO, WA St., CA, AZ, AZ St., UCLA all had kind of or really bad coaches. The others were able to look better playing inferior teams now the pac-12 is beginning to look a bit more like the SEC but nothing changes until someone takes the SEC down.

      • Independent_George

        As much as people like to mock Larry Scott, the Pac-12 network has been the rising tide that lfts all boats. So UCLA can now hire Mora and top assistants without going to alumni hat in had, Arizona can hire Rich Rod and Wazzou can hire Mike Leach. The weak link is Washington. Sark is a middling head coach, if they go 7-5 again i am guessing he will be gone.

    • Ben Factor


      I have never read that the South doesn’t produce just as many skill players. Coincidentally, USC got Agholor and Mike Williams there…and others.

      I agree about greater parity coming to the Pac-12. So not only does CA underproduce talent relative to the South, but it will now be more picked over.

      Kiffin tried to hire the DC at Mich. State, at OR, and, I think, at Stanford. I don’t know what defenses, respectively, those schools run, but had any of those DCs said yes to Kiffin, I suspect USC would be running his defense now.

      Pro-style offense can work. But the difference between college and pro is the typical talent gap between the opposing teams. It’s big in most college games–especially for the USCs of CFB. The natural strategy is to install an offense designed to exploit that talent gap. USC has less need than an NFL team to win with “scheme” or complexity.

      “The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong…but that’s the way to bet.”

  • Bill

    I don’t understand how the SuC fans can be smack talking how they are going to win the Pac 12 / national championship and how they are looking for a new coaching candidates! Just hire Lame Kitten so Best Buy can continue to sell the pink Hello Kitty USC branded gear!
    Just Keep On Kiffin On!

  • Guest

    If any top coach wanted to coach at SuC, you would have the Hello Kitty coach! SuC might be able to attract the Mater Dei coach!

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      Bill, is that you by any chance?

  • Bill

    If any top coach wanted to coach at SuC, you wouldn’t have the Hello Kitty coach! SuC might be able to attract the Mater Dei coach!

    • TrojanFan

      LAME!….please focus on the cartoons!

  • B.Miller

    HADEN CANT BE THAT STUPID! dumb choice.. If you make this hire.. HANG YOUR F**KING SELF!

    you want someone from the SEC that bad hire Charlie Strong! He has year of experience in the SEC!

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Who’s compiling the list for Athletic Director Candidates ?

  • tony o

    I predict that Wolf will be fired within 6 months. If he’s not then never mind. LOL