Big Morning For Stanley Johnson

USC coach Andy Enfield watched Mater Dei’s Stanley Johnson score 33 points and grab 14 rebounds in a game at the Peach Jam Tournament in South Carolina. But Enfield also sat with a few other coaches: Mike” Krzyzewski (Duke), John Calipari (Kentucky), Sean Miller (Arizona) and Steve Alford (UCLA).

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  • Charlie Bucket

    wolfman, this is cold-blooded, even for a Ruthless Vato like you!!!

    Setting the Dummies up far another Shazaaam! -like crushing let-down!!!!

    We Both know trOXans have ZERO chance at this guy!!!

    Wolfman, you KNOW i love like a brother….but

    • Wesley Snipes

      The truly crushing letdown was “Shazaaam’s” career with the Bruins.

      I’m very skeptical we get Johnson, but I do like to see Enfield out on the recruiting trail going after the prized recruits.

      • Charlie Bucket

        how so? he was always a one and done. he was Pac 12 Freshman Player of the Year, first team all Pac12, and a First Round Draft Pick. we didn’t win the champeenship, and that cost Howland his job a rightly so.

        but crushing letdown career?? pure hyperbole.

        and i do agree Renfield should go after the top recruits….i am just pointing out the wolfman is working you guys. i confess i enjoyed his cruel joke of saying last year the trOXans were the frontrunner for Shazaam at one point!!! i am just looking out for the Dummies. is that wrong??

        • Wesley Snipes

          I agree that UCLA’s season wasn’t an abject failure. In fact, I think Howland was fired unfairly. But any success attained by UCLA is more accurately credited to the less heralded freshman phenom Jordan Adams than it is to “Shazaaam.” That’s why I say his career was a failure — even though he garnered some individual awards in a very weak basketball conference.

          Expectations were very high in Westwood (not as high as at USC for football (ouch), but high nonetheless). Let’s do the post-mortem on UCLA’s 2012-13 basketball season:

          1) First round exit from NCAA tournament by 20 POINTS. Not just a loss, but a bad one. And Muhammad shot 33% from the field and was 0-6 from three. UCLA really felt the absence of its best player (Adams).

          2) Howland is fired.

          It’s not his fault he was crowned the savior of UCLA basketball, but that sure seems like a savior’s failure to me …

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            Bucket admits that UCLA hoops is now in the second tier of a week conference therefore expectations are always tempered.
            Making the NCAA tournament is about all that can be hoped for these days so mission accomplished.
            Quite sad how far this once prestigious program has fallen.

          • Charlie Bucket

            Jezro, we BOTH know UCLA is the most loved University WORLD WIDE!!! this statement is made based on empirical data, not conjecture!!!

            when i visited Tokyo, one day i was wearing my UCLA shirt, and the people there picked me up and carried me around the city all day!!! so loved is UCLA!!!

            because i am curious, i put on a Southern Cal shirt the next day to see what would happen. all the women were REPULSED, i could hear them muttering something about “O.J.” as they sneered at me. then an elderly man walked up to me and without warning, kicked me right in the crotch!!! never again.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            Yet another crotch reference by Bucket. ….I think he may have misread the title of this post. …He must have thought it read “Big Morning for Stanley’s Johnson”….ouch!!!

          • Guest

            it bad enough this numbskull wipes my a$$ after every comment, never getting a response from anyone to his lame comments…but now you are his wing-man??

          • TrojanFan

            You just don’t get it!!!!…no one on this blog likes you. Go troll a AARP blog, you senile old bastard..ouch!!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            By any chance, is this the guest that gives Bucket up votes?

          • Charlie Bucket

            that was me…i was logged in but it came out saying “Guest” which is odd cuase i didn’t think you could log on simply as “Guest”…but this is not the same as random readers, i surmise.

          • TrojanFan

            You stupid idiot!!!! They saw the baby blue sweater with the white stains all over the front, courtesy of bruinrod, and proceed to carry you to a dumpster….ouch!!!!

          • Jethro G Sabbath

            I do believe that you would pack a USC shirt on a trip to Japan.

    • TrojanFan

      You truly enjoy the abuse….LOL!!