Rush To Judgment?

I’ve already pointed out that quarterbacks Josh Rosen and Ricky Town are ranked among the top five players in the nation for the Class of 2015 and that David Sills (aka the Baby Quarterback) is not even ranked among the top 247 players by

So USC doesn’t want the top two quarterbacks in the country (both from Southern California) but wants someone ranked No. 21 in the nation among quarterbacks?

The question is what purpose did it serve USC to offer a seventh grader? Was it just a publicity grab from a first-year coach? It’s just something to remember when you hear someone tell you that coaches obviously know more than you do about recruiting.


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  • Independent_George

    “What purpose did it serve USC to offer a seventh grader?” None. In fact, it held the program up for ridicule.

    • Ben Factor

      It didn’t help that Sills was a QB, not some big fast guy. Forecasting QB success has beaten many an NFL GM. Kiffin had the hubris to forecast for an 8th grader. Peculiar decision.

  • old_trojan_93

    Fair criticism.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    It was a publicity grab from a first -year coach….that alot of others are now doing.

    • marvgoux1

      You’re right, everybody is doing this now. I am critical when Kiffin messes up , but in this case It was worth the risk. They didn’t sign Sills to a LOI so it isn’t irreversible. Sills might have blown up into a Marinovich or Leinart and then we would be praising Kiffin right now for getting the inside track on a great recruit. How many times do we read that a recuit picked a school because they were the first to show him love?

      • Independent_George

        Yeah not LOI so they can cut bait but it could blow up in his face if he does. Kiffin isn’t exactly the most popular man in the national media, and the current narrative is that he is an unethical douche. I don’t think he is any better or worse than any other coach, certainly not any worse than Urban Meyer, but in the recruiting world, which seems to me to be all about whispers and lies, it could hurt if he lets Sills go.

        • Ben Factor

          That is the problem.

          However, if the pecking order looks the same next year, and if Rosen or Town were to commit, Sills might walk anyway, and/or the staff could suggest to him that he might want to reconsider. There is a cautionary tale in Wittek and Kessler. Someone will be unhappy.

          Still, just a needless problem, when there are plenty already.

  • betomas

    Boneheaded move by Kiffin to try to raise the level of his hype.
    Kind of reminds of BandwagonFan’s modus operandi on this blog.

  • B.Miller

    It helped Kiffin Pick up a Dominating DT/DE (Kenny Bigelow) and a dominating Guard (Khaliel Rodgers) in this past recruiting years.. Who attended the same school as David Sills. So relax Wolf, I’m sure Kiffin knows what he’s doing when it comes to recruiting..
    coaching on the other hand…..

    • Trojan Hoarse

      Yup…..another knee jerk post from Wolf. …presented completely out of context….This was clearly a “package deal”, not unlike Manti Teo and Robby Toma to the Golden Domers a few years ago. ..