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I’ve been told by a couple sources to keep an eye on Vanderbilt coach James Franklin in the event USC decides to make a coaching change after the season. Franklin won a school-record nine games at Vanderbilt last season and is a hot name in coaching circles.
Now if USC has a good season, there will not be a coaching change. But it is worth noting that when USC athletic director Pat Haden hired Andy Enfield as the basketball coach, he said he compiled a list of candidates for about a year before he replaced Kevin O’Neill.

And right now I’ve heard Franklin’s name from two independent sources.

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  • Charlie Bucket

    Thanks for the GUMBALL, wolfman!!

    i told the Dummies they can take this to the BANK!!!

    Cadre has your back as always, wolfman!!!

    • WEB_Dupree

      Are you a fan of Seagal classic “Hard to Kill”?

      • Charlie Bucket

        i have parts of some of his movies, but i honestly can’t tell them apart. is he now ripping off Bucket-isms???

        if he says Thanks for the GUMBALL in this one, then i am renting the movie tonight!!

        • WEB_Dupree

          IIRC,early on, Seagal hears the bad guy saying “And you can take THAT to the BANK,” and then later, after he wakes from a coma, Seagal hears the same words on TV, and realizes that the bad guy is now a big-time politician. So he realizes that they will try to kill him for what he knows. But the bad guys will find that Steven Seagal is… HARD TO KILL.

          • marvgoux1

            Wasn’t he hiding out in Ojai during his rehab in the movie?

          • WEB_Dupree

            I can’t remember where they filmed that part; all I recall is that Kelly LeBrock was “assisting” him with his recovery.

          • Charlie Bucket

            insofar as i am aware, that phrase was popularized mostly by accused wife-killer Robert Blake in the 70’s drama “Baretta”. he always punctuated it by him jabbing his finger with the word “Bank!”

            what does IIRC mean?

          • WEB_Dupree

            “if I recall correctly” or “if I remember correctly”

            Mostly I don’t like such texting-style abbreviations, but that one is handy.

    • TrojanFan

      Hey bucket, did you make it over to USC? I know

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Is this based on USC’s success in hiring Coaches from schools in the State of Tennessee ?

  • Spedjones

    er, can’t be good for old Keffin that there’s already a publicly-acknowledged list out there. Sink on!