Winners And Losers Of The Week


Andy Enfield

Everyone seems to know who he is at summer tournaments, which makes recruiting easier.

Toa Lobendahn

Stock continues to rise for offensive lineman following summer football camps.

Dan Hubbs

Named USC baseball coach.

Nick Young

Grew up a Lakers fan so signing with team is dream come true.

Brian Scalabrine

Hired as assistant by Golden State Warriors.


David Sills

If Josh Rosen or Ricky Town get offered scholarship and commit, will Sills stick with the Trojans?

Dan Hubbs

Named USC baseball coach.

USC football media guide

Comments for Lane Kiffin were backhanded compliments at best.




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  • Joe Blow

    Winner: Mrs. Bucket with her Blue Ribbon for Ugliest Pig
    Loser: betomas found out he is the 1/2 man in the dumb @$$ program on the boob tube.

    • ThaiMex

      nubsie….seriously…that’s the best you’ve got? At the very least you could pretend you are Batman (just like T-Fail), and toss in a post ending..OUCH!, ZONK!, or CRUNCH!
      fit UN torgan!

      • Joe Blow

        Go have more beer and tacos.

      • Charlie Bucket

        Thai, the Dummies are in a shambles!! Nobs’ has NOTHING left!!
        he is so rattled by the FARMER story he has been desperately trying to get back at me for weeks!!

        but we DO have a new problem….RAY REYES is BACK!!! even Yoda left town when he heard RAY REYES was back!! we gotta call another meeting!!!

        do you know if the Farmer’s pig left a suicide note??

        • Joe Blow

          Ask her at breakfast.

        • Cheap seats

          Nothing wrong with talking to your other screen name…

    • Charlie Bucket

      OMG!! you poor thing!! have i wounded you so badly that you sit around on Sundays and try to come up with anti-Bucket zingers???

      just trying too hard…

      i had a great day and didn’t think about you once!!

      • Joe Blow

        2am? Hawr. Hawr. Where do you work? McDonald’s drivethru? Hawr. Hawr.

  • Spedjones

    LOL at all the SC clowns who hate on Wolfie for bashing SC football. He’s one of you, as evidenced by his assumption that one of the non-baby qbs would actually choose to attend SC if offered. Sills is your guy – enjoy!

  • B.Miller

    If Kiffin stays I think he will honor the Sills scholarship, but still might offer another QB..