Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Mocks USC

Senate majority leader Harry Reid was asked a question by a  USC student and replied: “I hope you have a better football team than last year. That was a disaster. That proves you can’t buy football players.”

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  • Helen

    What an idiot. Maybe the lawyers in the group can comment on if USC could take legal action from what Reid said about USC buying football players?

    • Charlie Bucket

      Helen, i know these comments from the Leader of the Senate of the United States really sting. However, if you are going to hitch your wagon to a team that perpetrated the most egregious scandal in the history of the NCAA, there are consequences!

      face it, Southern Cal is viewed as a bunch of cheaters who pay players! this is absolutely based on empirical date and was proven by the NCAA!! Penn State is Molester U, the trOXans are Cheater U!!

      i would argue, being Cheater U is an upgrade from Wife Killer U, so maybe you all should embrace it!!

      aside from the fact your inquiry about suing Reid is ludicrous, you should avoid mimicking the this-skinned reactionary response of the Dummies on this blog. i can assure you a lawsuit against Reid would only humiliate the trOXans further!! (if that is possible)

    • WEB_Dupree

      Could USC take legal action? Anyone with money to pay the filing fee can file a Complaint. Should USC take legal action? No.

      • Charlie Bucket

        Sounds like a case for “Lawyer John”!!! as we all recall he threatened to sue the Classy Cadre for simply (and easily) outwitting him!!

        anyways, you can’t for sue for slander when it’s the truth!!!!

        this is PRICELESS!!!!

        • betomas

          Harry Reid sucks. What a fool. Why even back his stupid comments?


    A comment from the worst senate majority leader in U.S. history carries no weight. He has been a proven liar throughout his career. What a creep!

  • Trojanpete

    Hahaha. This is actually funny. I wonder if he’s just taking a jab at the other senator from Nevada, Dean Heller, as he is an SC grad. I met Harry Reid once regarding a tax credit issue that would impact, among other companies, a large taxpayer from Nevada and I can say that he isn’t the brightest bulb. Charles Schumer from New York was in the same meeting and as much as I don’t like him either, at least Schumer is sharp.

  • Charlie Bucket

    OMG!! somebody PUNCH me!!!! i mean, PINCH me i must be DREAMING!!!!

    the Senate Majority Leader lands a savage, humiliating kick to the trOXans already flattened crotch!!!

    this VALIDATES what i have said about the national reputation of Southern Cal as a bunch of cheaters!!! first Meet the Press compares Southern Cal to Penn ST, and now THIS!!!!

    Sugary SWEEEEEEET!!!!


    • Joe Blow

      Not so fast S Bucket. Harry Reid LOVES pork! Oh, that’s right….so do you! Hawr. Hawr.

      • Charlie Bucket

        OMG!!! you are the latest with a bad case of Bucket-in-my-head!!!

        no matter WHAT the topic of wolf’s post, you are TOTALLY OBSESSED with lil’ ol’ me!!!

        i still can’t believe how bad you were stung by the Farmer Story!!

        (oinky oink-oink!)

    • Ray Reyes

      Charlie, lay out how USC and Pete “cheated.” Go ahead. Type it all out here. Go ahead, I’m waiting. I mean the real facts, no innuendos and such. You know, I don’t disrespect someone if they like UCLA over USC. Not at all. When I was at USC, I dated girls from UCLA. No problem. It was fun. BUT, someone like you is just around to cause problems, and, if you really exist, is a complete moron. No respect for either university. You know you give UCLA a bad name posting the way you do? And this is a USC board!!!! WHY SPEND SO MUCH TIME HERE?

  • Charlie Bucket

    OH! i feel so ALIVE and TINGLY!!!!! and when i say TIngly, i mean i feel tingly ALL OVER if you know what i MEAN!!!!


    not even Ray Superman Reyes can protect the trOXans from the SENATE MAJORITY LEADER OF THE UNITED STATES!!

    i KNEW admitting Reid into the CADRE was a great move that would pay off big!!!

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Is he the illegitimate brother of Lou Holtz?

  • TrojanConquest

    No, but he proved buying elections works.

  • B.Miller

    I’m just impress Harry Reid (Charlie Bucket, Spedjones / ThaiMex / Bill) keeps up on USC Football..
    You guys are bigger USC fans than actual USC fans!
    keep up the great work … Stupids!

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    One should ask Harry how he accumulated his fortune on a Senator’s salary. The guy is right there with Pelosi and Biden for being he biggest dumbsh!t’s in DC

  • Independent_George

    Not to defend Harry Reid, but there is an obvious edit between “That was a disaster” and “That proves you can’t buy college football players.

    This from the news organization that is going to be in big doo-doo for selectively editing George Zimmerman’s initial remarks.

    And this from a “reporter” to whom “context” is an ancient Sankrit word of mysterious meaning.

    Wolf sucks.

    • gotroy22

      Nothing independent about you, Rah rah_George. But you did hold it down to 4 paragraphs. Nice!

    • Ben Factor

      Interesting observation.

      Still, unless a direct question about something entirely different was edited out, it’s a peculiar cluster of sentences to come from the mouth of a national politician. Onset alzheimer’s?

    • Ray Reyes

      Yes, the edit is obvious. Good points George. FIGHT ON!

  • 1Emmit

    Observe Harry closely. His comment aside for the moment. Watch his non verbal expressions when he speaks from the well of the senate. His odd facial mannerisms; his nonsensical syntax, Harry whines, Harry does not speak; his glazed, unfocused eyes. This senator is senile.

    • Spedjones

      yet he knows SC football well.

      • Joe Blow

        The fucla student was cleaning the toilets.

  • Spedjones

    Haha, SC’s a laughing stock nation-wide!

  • Karla

    The lack of respect shown a US Senator on this blog is disturbing and sad. This man represents the United States before the world. The entire nation and yes the entire WORLD will hear his words.

    Trojans should reflect on the facts in his comment, the truth of which are undisputed. SMU, Penn St, USC: all will live in infamy.


      He has probably heard ALL of your “private” phone calls.

      • orangeman

        Remember that, students. You can buy senators and cogressmen, just not football players. Too bad USC didn’t. Too bad Harry is as dumb as he looks, as he speaks and as reported.

        Don’t you hate it when guys say dumb things without thinking . . . like “We’re going to win the right way.”

    • Ray Reyes

      Respect is earned, not granted. The entire US government, as it stands now, is a JOKE. I could go on and on and on. But a US Senator doesn’t have respect granted to him/her. Its earened, like I just typed. So F off with a nonsense comment like that.

      • Karla

        Don’t attack me, Rey Reyes- aka -No Neck! You sound like an anarchist to me.

        You sleep under the blanket of freedom the Govt provides, and then question the manner in which they provide it! maybe you should just say “thank you,” or move back to Canada. Either way, I don’t give a dang what you think!

        • Ray Reyes

          Serious? Are you f’ing serious? I’m not “attacking” you “Karla.” By the way, the government doesn’t grant me anything! I am a human, I have inalienable rights.

          • Ray Reyes

            Is “Karla” your real name? Or “Charlie?”

          • Karla

            You told me to “f-off”, in AMERICA, that is considered an attack.

            Insofar as your rights are concerned you should exercise your right to remain silent, you dumb a$$ Tea Bagger!

            And No, I am not The Bucket.

  • oneillwatch

    Thank goodness Harry Reid hates SC. I would hate to think that dolt was a fan of SC. Maybe he will show up in the well of the Senate in blue and gold…that would be classy.

  • Elasticbelt

    But you can buy politicians