Baylor unveiled its Holiday Bowl rings (Holiday Bowl rings?!?!) today and the Bears put the wrong the score of the game on purpose, taking away a UCLA TD at the end of the game where the Bruin player was clearly down before the goal line. So Baylor merely ignored the touchdown and a 49-26 victory became 49-19. More details here.

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  • Bill

    I wonder what Georgia Tech’s rings had on them?

    • rusoviet

      How about you do some research and put the link for us to see?

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        Yeah, why don’t you show me the proof that Brian Jones played the sitar on a record before George Harrison as you claim he did but can never prove. Can you do that Marx ?

  • Spedjones

    LOL. That’s really funny.

  • Charlie Bucket

    Great reportage wolfman!!!

    typical case of “Never-been-there” by Art Briles!!! now his team’s rings will always bear the stain of his childish rant!!!

    well it’s Texas, so expecting class from them is like expecting poetry from a pig….unless that particular pig committed suicide after being abused by a human female. Right NOBS??

    ; )


    • Helen

      For once I have to agree with The Bucket. How the athletic department could allow the unofficial score to be placed on the rings is beyond me. Very amateurish.

    • Joe Blow

      Ask your wife, Miss Piggy. 1954


    Lol the best is the celebration by the fucla players after the “touchdown”.

  • Charlie Bucket

    that last pass gave Hundley the UCLA single season record!!!


    • Cheap seats

      Did you go to the game? Or any UCLA game for that matter?

  • L’Angelo Misterioso

    Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugary Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet Wolf, that was a cuunt punt to the trolls in westwood, HAWR, HAWR, HAWR !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here 2.0


  • WEB_Dupree

    And Vince Young’s knee was down.

  • Cheap seats

    I went to the game and it was a very sad showing for the local team. Something like 25,000 in attendance?

  • Guest

    I bet the team and/or coaches voted on this and it’s their ring, they can do what they want. If they want to take off a TD from the “official” score since the refs didn’t want to overturn a score that obviously never should of counted, let them do it. Those from Texas people are HARD and are never wrong.

    • Trojan Hoarse

      And they even spelled “UCLA” correctly, too!…..kudos. ..