USC, Cal, Washington Tightly Bunched In Recruiting Rankings; That Can’t Last

If you look at the current recruiting rankings per, USC is ranked 48th, Cal 49th and Washington 50th. Obviously, USC should pull away once it gets more commitments. But perhaps the underlying message is: USC better pull away. At some point, the idea of whether Lane Kiffin’s status affects recruiting is going to get bigger and bigger.

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  • Ben Factor

    Here’s the underlying message: USC’s play in 2013 is going to determine Lane Kiffin’s future at USC, AND the quality of the recruiting class. Want a top class? Better win 10+ games, beat UCLA, and ND or Stanford, or both. Or better hire a VERY famous replacement coach. Who is confused about this?

    • Karla

      99.1% of USC fans on this blog.