Nevada Sen. Dean Heller Has `A Lot Of Confidence’ In Lane Kiffin

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Nevada Sen. Dean Heller, a USC graduate, appeared on the Morning Joe show today and made some lame remarks when asked if the Trojans would do better this year:

“I sure hope so. I sure hope so. Kiffin hopes we do also. I have a lot of confidence in that coach . . . They’re still on probation. It’s going to take a good coach to pull them through.”

I guess this is sort of a response to fellow Nevada Sen. Harry Reid’s comments earlier in the week. But it didn’t inspire much confidence in Heller.

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  • Karla

    We’re still on probation? Why would he mention that?

    • B.Miller

      because its true

  • WEB_Dupree

    Wolf, did you mean to strike through “made some lame remarks” in snarky Gawker style?

  • gotroy22

    This is a pr nightmare. Is Morning Schmoe really that vapid to ask and Senator Heller really that dumb to respond to questions about our football program with all the serious problems like the IRS scandal, failure of ObamaCare to launch, the Senate Amnesty bill and the $17 trillion debt going on in Washington?

    • Karla

      Sounds like you just regurgitate talking points from the Jack-wagons as Fox News. If you are really a Trojan, try thinking for yourself.

  • Joe Blow

    FREE TF & NOBS. Scotty can’t take it!!

    • marvgoux1

      Aren’t you NOBS?

      • Joe Blow

        Aren’t you S Bucket?

  • rusoviet

    Why refer to Senator Hellers comment’s as ‘lame’?

    Frankly Mr. Wolf you earn an awful lot of the animus that is hurled here on this board.

    It would seem you have a lot of down time based on finding that weird international school ranking list. Are you married? If not might want to find a gal and get a life.