USC assistant coach Ed Orgeron tweeted a photo today of defensive end J. J. Watt, wide receiver Demaryius Thomas, wide receiver Andre Caldwell, quarterback Matt Leinart and wide receiver Calvin Johnson working out at Cromwell Field. Watt plays for the Houston Texans, Thomas and Caldwell play for the Denver Broncos, Johnson for the Detroit Lions and Leinart for the . . . to be determined.

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  • B.Miller

    Despite the UCLA haters, I guess USC has some great facilities to attract top NFL players to come hangout and get some work in..
    How come they didn’t go back to their own college..

    • Bill

      They like the Fantasyland landscape around the ToeJam facilities! He didn’t tweet about all the time they spent taking pictures under all the clocks stolen from Disneyland!

      • Joe Blow

        Guess they didn’t want to go to the riot zone for little Trayvon over by Westwood Tech.

      • WEB_Dupree

        It’s tough to beat unicorns and magic.

      • betomas


      • B.Miller

        If you are going to pass USC insults, you have to do better than that.. Thats was horrible

        • Trojan Hoarse

          Sadly, it’s the BEST that he can do. ….

  • Why practice on a field that’s 80 yards when you can have a full field?

    • WEB_Dupree

      Doink, I thought you recently died. Are you posting from that great arena in the sky?