• marvgoux1

    Instead of scraping up malcontents and washouts, how about concentrating on a top five class? Well we can always dream.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Accused by who, Tim Floyd ? The same slimy coach who interviewed for the Arizona job while he was at USC ? The same Floyd who got USC on probation ? The same Floyd who tried to worm his way back to USC while at UTEP ? In case you haven’t read this blog, Endfield is out busting his azz trying to get high school players to commit.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Good post. ….and after denying Hamilton his release, Fearless Floyd has the audacity to accuse Endfield of tampering….clearly the actions of a desperate man……

      • gotroy22

        If he’s so slimy why did USC hire him the first time and why did Pat Haden express interest in rehiring him?

      • Hitman17

        First of all when you use slimy to describe Floyd that shows you don’t pay attention to facts. The NCAA never found any wrong doing on Floyd’s part. On the other hand, they did find violations by USCheat thats why they self-imposed they’re punishment. In basketball and you can add football to their record. Therefore, slimy fits USCheat like a glove.
        Second, if Floyd wanted to leave USCheat for Arizona only tells you he recognized USCheat isn’t such a great place to be. USC has been proven not just speculated to be of little to no integrity. Now,when at utep, again USC A.D. & TC never said he was offered the job or spoke about the position, but for the sake of argument if USC is still interested in a person who they believe or have knowledge of wrongdoing and still go out of their way to call him in to offer him a job, sorry but it only proves the lack of institutional integrity.

        Furthermore, anyone who tries to justify Hamilton’s lack of integrity and commitment to something so important as honering a man’s word by instead trying to shift the focus on allegations made towards some else is deserving of someone like Hamilton and his dad. Two peas in a pot.

        Good luck USCheat hope he does play for that campus. It would be the right fit. šŸ™‚

  • Dennis Hogan

    By my count, USC doesn’t have a scholarship available for him. Accepting him would mean pulling a scholarship from someone else. Unless, of course, Ari Stewart does not regain his eligibility.