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  • Helen

    Heck, I’ll pay his way through college to major in journalism and become a USC beat writer for the LA Daily News.

    • TrojanFan

      Helen, you are looking real pale. Get out of the basement and enjoy the sunshine

      Dementia is some nasty stuff!

    • B.Miller


  • rusoviet

    If this is true it is a funny story – I’m betting the other 126 FBS wished they’d thought of doing that.

  • Spedjones

    SC has a good shot too…hear the kids parents prefer schools that mishandle rape claims over and over again! Cover-up ON!

    • rusoviet

      What a ridculous statement – but I’m bettin’ a playah’ like you voted for ‘Klintonska’.

      • TrojanFan


  • Ted

    Southern Cal better hope that Kiffin is not the coach in 2031 let alone 2014..

    .Kiffin = Joke

    Kiffin Supporter = Clown (Trojanfan)

    • TrojanFan

      Ted = 8===D

      Just a lonely pathetic old man!!!

      Troll on!!!

      • Ted

        What ever clown

  • grave soul

    It wasn’t long ago that trojans were parading skewed statistics about UCLA having more crime than usc. Several astute Bruins tried to cut through the fog of nescience that pervades these digital walls, stating that UCLA actually over reports its crime statistics (UCPD includes off-campus stats), while usc exercised a pattern of systematically covering up its crimes to create the illusion of safety.

    Today, the news reported on several usc women who are charging usc with covering up rapes on campus and silencing the victims.

    Trojans that posted any skewed stats lost any form of credibility immediately.

    • Jethro G Sabbath

      This is a very tight ship you have boarded.
      Please try to stay on topic.

      • grave soul

        You’re absolutely right. No one goes off the straight and narrow path of college football commentary on this blog…no one.

    • WEB_Dupree

      Using rape allegations to score a few cheap points on a college football blog? I guess you showed us, Super Fan.

      • TrojanFan

        Bucket acting like a 8===D, AGAIN!!!!

        Dementia is some nasty stuff!!!

      • grave soul

        WEB, why does it bother you so much? Did say anything that isn’t true? Did several USC fans not write about the skewed stats that were presented on campus crime a few months ago, embellishing their statements by stating that USC’s campus is safer than UCLA’s and other inane comments like that.

        • WEB_Dupree

          If the allegations are true (and according to a USC student interning in my wife’s office, they are largely true, and some of the girls are majoring in my old undergrad program), it will be a serious black eye for the school. Much more serious than any of Kiffin’s antics. But why do you see this story in the news and think, “I better post about this on Wolf’s sports blog!” It is just bizarre to me. Similarly, a guy calling himself BruinRob immediately started posting on here about the murders of those two Chinese grad students a year or two ago. What drives you guys to come to a college sports blog and triumphantly point to some awful thing that (whatever it may say about USC or the surrounding neighborhood) has nothing to do with college sports? Even Kiffin is not implicated in this. At least not yet!

          Re: UCLA’s crime stats, I believe those are influenced by UCLA’s larger campus size and the fact that some portions of it (especially on the periphery) are somewhat wooded and are thus rather dark at night. When I was at UCLA, we were constantly getting emails warning about muggers, purse-snatchers, flashers, etc. USC has those problems too, but they usually occur off campus, as the campus itself does not offer as many hiding places for goons. (This rape business will be a different kettle of fish, if true).

          • grave soul

            I appreciate your well-thought-out comments, WEB. However, I already answered your question in my first post–I am simply correcting misinformation that was spread by several Trojans fans with an example that undeniably cuts right through the heart of the matter.

    • I’m sure we all care so much about your ideas of credibility