Winners And Losers Of The Week


Marqise Lee

Actually made Biletnikoff Award watch list this year.

Andy Enfield

Wins an ESPY and still gets treated like a rock star at summer basketball tournaments.

USC swimming

Two gold medals in first two races at World Swimming Championships. If only the NCAA’s were this easy.


Watch lists

Are they finished announcing them yet?

USC fans

You going to go to the Arizona game and squeeze into Exposition Park with no campus tailgating.

Tim Floyd

All that schmoozing with Pat Haden in February and he might lose his best recruit to USC.

Pacific-12 Conference

You gotta love a conference that now has games on two channels Fox Sports 1, Pac-12 Network) not currently picked up by DirecTV.  Or in the case of Fox Sports 1, Time Warner cable and Dish Network.

USC fans

Soon now, the endless stories will appear on how USC players lifted more weights than ever this summer, are more unified than ever and practicing harder than ever. It happens every year like clockwork.


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  • ThaiMex

    USC fans losers? Come on Wolfie…..give the knucklehead RAH RAH’s a break. Guy’s like Elmir (the Bedouin goat herder), LBC, and Lawyer John deserve credit for their undying LOYALTY (and stupidity). Everybody has to believe in something (T-Fail believes he’s witty, Nubsie believes he’s a Millionaire, The QUEER ONE, OWN’s believes he’s STRAIGHT, heck, even That Family Guy is at fault for still believing in Tammi Faye and James Bakker!) You gotta give these guys a PASS….everybody makes mistakes (just ask nubsie’s parents).
    AW screw it…..You’re right again Scooter….The RAH RAH’s over at LIMBO U,….Yesterday U, SCUm….whatever you want to call it, are LOSERS, just like the Head Coach. Thank god for OPEN WATER 5K swims, or LIMBO U would have NOTHING!
    fit UN torgans!

    • TrojanFamily

      Oh you silly racial stereotype, you seem to be adding Tourette’s to your list of cliched maladies.

    • TrojanFan

      Nothing would make me feel more alive and tingly then to cave in your cranium

      You need to look in the mirror before you call the rest of us losers….Dr T Bone is only a phone call away

      • TrojanFamily

        you might need to see someone about your anger issues.

        • TrojanFan

          I’ll take that into consideration…thanks for the advice!

  • gotroy22

    Loser: SC alum Mohammed Morsi didn’t get his job back.

    • L’Angelo Misterioso

      Obama will find place for him in his administration

      • Joe Blow

        Now that’s funny!

  • TrojanFan


    charlie dementia bucket

    3;00 am, trolling the blog talking shlt, beyond loser status

  • B.Miller

    Watch lists
    Are they finished announcing them yet?

    -Yet you keep posting them?