Lane Kiffin Visits ESPN Tomorrow

Here’s the list of Pac-12 coaches scheduled to do a series of interviews with ESPN tomorrow, doing TV and radio interviews between 7 a.m.-12 p.m. (PT).

Todd Graham (Arizona State)
Lane Kiffin (USC)
Mike MacIntyre (Colorado)
Jim Mora (UCLA)
Rich Rodriguez (Arizona)
Kyle Whittingham (Utah

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  • Trojan Hoarse

    otherwise known as the PAC-12 South…..

  • ThaiMex

    Cross-eyed, mumbling head coaches are usually not good interview candidates, but there’s something about GOAT BOY that makes things interesting. His interviews (sometimes turn into TEMPER TANTRUMS) are kind of like watching a train wreck. You know the guy is gonna CRASH AND BURN…it happens every time.
    fit UN torgans

    • Thai, remember how the wolfman de-railed Kiff’s entire season last year by just being his wolfy self???

      Kiff’s attempt to take the wolfman down to China Town backfired and resulted in Kiff blowing the all important Stanford game!!!

      it was all downhill after that, with Kiff being forced to publicy kiss the wolfman’s furry wolf-tush on national TV!!!


      • ThaiMex

        It was EPIC Chucker. The mumbling stumbling “iffin” is almost as dumb as the guy that hired him! It’s just soooo QUEER how Goat Boy has done more for U-C-L-A that Mora has. Order has returned to the Universe and we should all say “THANK YOU to MIKE GARRETT”. Yesterday U, today and always.

        fit UN torgans!

        (Chuck….I’m a little flattered that some of these PENDEJO knuckleheads think I am you. Your wit is “en fuego” and contagious)

        Can you hear it?…That sound in the distance…You know what that means?…IT’S MAMBO TIME BABY!!!!!!

        • Joe Blow

          You both are boring

    • Cheap seats

      And Mora has never thrown a tantrum?

  • Ben Factor

    Memo to Kiffin: please try not to run down the quality of your players on ESPN. Besides the demotivational impact on your team, you won’t get much support from Graham, MacIntyre, Mora, Rodriguez, or Whittingham. Since 2010, you have enrolled at least 25 more 5-star and 4-star recruits than any of them. Please be gracious, grateful, and humble, or kindly please shut the f_ _ _ up.

  • B.Miller

    Kiffin is the best coach on that list.. FIGHT ON KIFF!