Jim Mora Counters Lane Kiffin Comment

USC coach Lane Kiffin made the comment earlier today, “if we’re so concerned about player safety, are you right to allow systems that increase a game by 20 plays.”

UCLA coach Jim Mora also addressed the topic.

“I don’t think there is a safety issue,” Mora said.

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  • grave soul

    Jim Mora’s statement is AKA: BOOOOM!!!

    • grave soul

      …and like a BAWSS!!

      Thanks Scott Wolf. You provide way more info, including news about UCLA sports, than does Jack Wang.

  • RememberTheFreedomBowl

    Wouldn’t a Three and Out by your defense take care of that problem Lane?


      t’was Monte’s D. Let us not forget.

  • Joe Blow

    Mora has a big mouth for 1win. We will see.

    • Nemesis

      Well, he is undefeated against USC. It’s only one game but it exposed Lane Kiffen as a mediocre coach.

  • ThaiMex

    Maybe Goat Boy thinks we should reduce the minutes of each half….If he’s really concerned about injuries, how about eliminating kick off’s and punts. Why not eliminate tackling all together and just play touch (kinda like last years team did). More crap coming outta the mouth of the village idiot who was responsible for the UNDER INFLATED BALL fiasco, and later the JERSEY SWITCHING dumb thing (that stuff was fine…but speeding up the game is a bad idea?)

    I can’t wait for the season to start and we start getting regular doses of B.S. from “IFFIN” (iffin barkley completes that pass……., iffin we aren’t called for that holding penalty…….,iffin the clock operator had started the clock….,etc)
    LIMBO U…..another day just a little bit LOWER!
    fit UN torgan!

    • Thai, Kiff is off to a wobbly start this year!!!

      as we know, it dont take much to completely throw Kiff into a wild tail-spin!!

      Mora is using his Jedi Mind Tricks on Kiff already!!!

      NOW ‘Iffin is gonna spend the next three weeks trying to ‘splain this kooky statement!!!

      THIS ALONE may cost the trOXans a few extra L’s this season!!!

      • Bucket’s Lover

        Charlie, why do you troll this blog 24/7, it’s creepy! I need you to spend more time with me, please!

        Come back to bed I’m rock hard. I just love your tight little a$$

        • Trojan Fan’s Lover

          Bucket’s Lover: you got the sweeetest of all the gay lovers’ gigs!!

          Ugh, i am stuck with T-FAIL. In addition to being stupid, he spends all his life TOTALLY OBSESSED with another man: BUCKET!!

          can we swap lovers?? like all women, (and evidently all the “men” around here) I just want to be with Bucket!!

          ps: posting to Bucket at 1AM? get your cranium checked out!!

      • rusoviet

        Hi ‘billie’ – how’s the ‘confusion’ ‘….what a cruel world . . . oh my!’

  • say what???

    okay lets recap: Kiff says Oregon is risking player safety by using a style the add 20 plays to games.

    Oregon uses a run first option offense. except for 1st downs, this keeps the clock running as opposed to the incomplete bubble passes the trOXans throw repeatedly.

    so what Kiff is saying is a super efficient run first offense is a dangerous “system”??? because it scores a lot of touchdowns really fast??? this is called great football, not “using a system that adds 20 plays”!!

    i guess Magic Johnson added 20 plays to his games too during Showtime!!! how dangerous!!

    Kiff sounds confused!!! his comments does not seem to make any logical sense which is usually a sign of a desperate man!!

  • Ben Factor

    I think it’s OK to ask whether no-huddle offenses lead to more injuries

    However, the way to answer that question is historical future statistical analysis, not an informal poll of coaches.

    Jim Mora says he doesn’t think it causes more injuries. Kiffin thinks it does. Rich Rodriguez thinks it doesn’t. Bielema thinks it does. What a load of crap!

    If there is one thing we can count on, it’s that a coach will favor those rules that help his team, and will offer justifications for his favored rules that have nothing to do with the fact that those rules will help his team.

    Again, it’s fine for Saban, Bielema, and Kiffin to ask the NCAA to conduct some research. Other than that, I agree with Rich Rodriguez: it’s silly.

    Here is Rich Rod’s witty counter-example: players get hurt by unblocked blitzing, so why don’t we bar defenses from rushing more players than the offense has blockers?

    I haven’t read any comments from David Shaw, whose team would probably benefit from outlawing the no-huddle. Is that because he got a better education at Stanford, and is better able to avoid stupid comments? I’m not sure, so let’s take a poll of the other Pac-12 coaches.

    Realistically, Mr. Kiffin, your idea of “pro-style” is “old style,” and it’s going “out of style.” Belichick is using a lot of hurry-up. So is Denver, now that Peyton Manning plays there. In fact, it’s use in the NFL is increasing, not decreasing.

    So, Mr. Kiffin, why aren’t you making more experiments to see if you can keep up with growing trends in the NFL? You look so young to be living in the past. Or maybe you think you’re smarter than Belichick, and know more about offense than Peyton Manning?

    • gotroy22

      Didn’t we use a no huddle offense at times last season?

  • rusoviet

    It wouldn’t matter to those who loath Kiffin if he’d said the opposite – nothing beats winning – the issue specific to his job retention will be a moot point by 30th November which is 18 weeks from this Saturday.

  • B.Miller

    HA! Great counter.. If wolf wants to call that a counter..
    Have we seen any players get hurt by the amount of Offensive plays in a game?