Picture Of The Day

KIFFIN.COWHERDLane Kiffin got to see his biggest cheerleader in the media, ESPN radio host Collin Cowherd, during his tour of interviews in Connecticut today.

UPDATED: At the end of the interview, Kiffin jokingly tells Cowherd, “thanks for picking up the check at dinner.”


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  • WEB_Dupree

    It seemed like even Cowherd put down the pom-poms toward the end of last season.

  • Bill

    Dudes, get a room!

    • TrojanFan


      • Joe Blow


  • B.Miller

    Collin Cowherd a REAL journalist, and a great USC fan!

    • TrojanFan

      He makes it to at least one game every year

      I met him here in Vegas at a sports book, nice guy

  • rusoviet

    Cowherd’s show is in sharp decline in the past year. He’s on a three hours from 7-10:00 am but his actual air time has been sliced in half as KSPN here and the same elsewhere inserts a local sports jock – we’re cursed with Mark Willard whose total skill set is acting as the ‘shill’ (which he truly is) for the Lakers and ‘Kobe’.

    I never thought I’d say it but frankly Dan Patrick has as interesting guests. This morning he had Pete Rose on before Rose was then interviewed by Cowherd. It isn’t the order of where Rose chose to speak – it’s the fact that the guest is able to finish thoughts w.o. a ‘got to go break because I’m only on half the time now’ or worse ‘got to go to break and here’s Mark Willard.’ Patrick let’s them talk and splits his own air time with a jr. assistant to bounce ideas off of. Obviously the ratings are heavily in favor of Cowherd but his show is on the downsize in terms of engagement.

    Middle of baseball season and NFL camps have opened but there’s Willard ramming boring NBA-Laker idiocy as the button is punched for another show.

    • Independent_George

      Here here!

      Willard sucks.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    So now Kiffin can’t even joke around without a veiled snide comment from you, Wolf?….you’re pathetic. …

    • Joe Blow

      Jealous is more like it

    • TrojanFan

      The wolfman has had an ax to grind since Kiffin pissed in his cheerios last year

  • ThaiMex

    Colin Cowherd…..”Lane Kiffen is the best College Football Coach in America”.
    Bagdad Bob…….”The Americans are being slaughtered”
    The Chicago Tribune…..”DEWEY WINS”
    fit UN torgans