USC Basketball Teams Play Outside U.S.

It’s been previously announced the USC men’s basketball team will spend Thanksgiving weekend in the Bahamas. But the women’s basketball is also going to be outside the country playing in the Cancun Challenge.

Other teams include Arkansas State, Arizona State, Boston College, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina and North Carolina- Wilmington.

  • Bill

    Some simple tips:
    To the men, don’t punch out any women!
    To the women, don’t punch out any men!

  • Count Smackula

    AH! AH! AH!

    you haff got to be kiddink me!

    Don’t you remember Gio Fontaine’s knee und zee Tvin Tovers goink all vacko in zee Battle in Seattle??

    I don’t sink zese road trrrips are vorking out for you Trojinks!!!

    AH! AH! AH!