Larry Scott Attacks DirecTV

The Pac-12 commissioner unloaded his strongest comments today on DirecTV’s refusal to pay what the conference wants to carry the Pac-12 Networks.
“I urge our fans that are intent on not missing their team’s games this fall to drop DirecTV,” Scott said. “All of our coaches and athletic directors that previously had DirecTV have now switched to a provider that has it and they are urging their fans to do the same.”
Really? I haven’t heard Pat Haden or Lane Kiffin ask anyone to drop DirecTV? And what happens if Time Warner does not carry Fox Sports 1? Should we drop them too?

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  • rusoviet

    That’s a patently corrupt comment to make by what I can only construe is a corrupt or incompetent commissioner – I’m betting it’s te former.

    It’s not subscriber’s fault that Scott signed a deal with Time-Warner it’s Larry Scott’s. He didn’t take the time to ensure all were willing to take the feed – no he gave the riches to Time -Warner and one has to wonder what personal gain Scott may have accrued?

    I am very happy with Direct TV and even though I am a diehard fan/alum I could give a rip – this is on you Larry Scott – this is your mess.

  • WEB_Dupree

    Like I’m going to switch providers and sign up with the hated Time-Warner Cable for the sake of watching one or two away-games per season. That’s why God created sports bars.

    • rusoviet

      Amen – I dumped those ‘connected’ ganefs nearly two years ago and have never or ever will look back – the basic bill was approaching $80.00 per/mo. – no ‘movie channels’ or any other nonsense.

      Hey Trout just jacked a 2 run homer out against OAK in the 1st inning at the 0.o (?) stadium…

      • L’Angelo Misterioso

        And still waiting on that proof you commie kunt.

        • TrojanFan

          Put a fork in it, bucket style!

        • rusoviet

          Hmm I’m sensing ’emotion’ n’est pas? Let’s see you need all to genuflect to the ‘fab four’ and well that ‘sitar’ on ‘Within You Without You’ truly said it all – it always reminded me of some pimply putz trying to play a guitar for the first time in a garage and too inept to even know a basic chord –

          Now let’s have you get back to West 28th and your kegger you got planned for tonight.

          Opps almost forgot Brian Jones with The Stones were first because it’s the only tune – with cause – anyone remembers – ‘Paint It Black”

          (within you without you – hmm sounds like some idiocy one chants up at Esalen)

          Love your angst

          • TrojanFan

            LOL!!!….GREAT POST!!!!!

          • rusoviet

            Thanks Troj…anyone but a ‘challenged’ fruitopian or worse a ‘domer or the very very bottom – a ‘bel-airian’…

    • TrojanFan

      “That’s why God created sports bars”

      …and world famous casinos with lavish sports books full of oversized TVs

      • Joe Blow

        TF, these fucla trolls are too cheap to subscribe OR go to a sports bar. bucket peaks through the farmer’s window to watch whatever game the guy has on while he slops his pig, Mrs. S Bucket.


        • TrojanFan

          You are spot-on!!!…

          nothing but a bunch of cash-strapped loser!!!

          • Joe Blow

            Right, but we do need guys like bucket to clean the heads at establishments we patronize (hey bucket, that means places we go to spend our money)


  • marvgoux1

    Larry Scott showed his true lack of character in Refereegate. He’s a two bit PR hack.

  • Dennis Hogan

    Elsewhere in Larry Scott’s diatribe he says that DirectTV is the only major provider not offering Pac-12 Networks. Thinking I had missed something, I checked with my provider, Verizon FiOS. I guess Larry doesn’t consider Verizon a major provider, since they are still not offering Pac-12 Networks, at least not in my area.