Kiffin On NCAA Sanctions

Lane Kiffin said at Pac-12 media day that USC could feel the effects of NCAA sanctions for “five or six years.” He said that’s how long it would take to completely restock the roster following the 15-scholarship recruiting classes.

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  • Ben Factor

    Kiffin’s not wrong. Recruiting will be hampered this year if injuries undermine the season, which is not unlikely, and largely due to the sanctions. Plus, it’s 40-60% likely there will be a new head coach by Signing Day. Next year, same possibility of a short roster undermining the season. Following year, it’s all pretty speculative, but the full-size 2015 class will be freshmen, so don’t expect too much.

    It could unfold much differently, but the above scenario is more than a little possible.

  • Dana Roth

    excuses, excuses, will they never end?

  • B.Miller

    I thought Kiffin had a plan?