Picture Of The Day

SIMPSONA surprising choice for USC’s countdown to kickoff 32 days before the season starts. USC sent out a picture of O.J. Simpson today. Wonder if corporate sponsor Audi was consulted on this choice? Perhaps a wiser choice was Jim Sears, who was seventh in the Heisman Trophy voting in his senior year in 1952.


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  • TrojanFamily

    Everyone should listen to Will Leitch, creator of the Deadspin website, on Baseball Prospectus’s daily podcast Effectively Wild. Episode 200. He details why beat writers are just always so miserable (both at any analysis they offer and just unhappy people in general). While he is referencing baseball writers, he describes Mr. Wolf to a T. Exhibit A: they have to provide stories and so seldom have anything to write that “they just troll their own teams to pretend they are providing content.” Preach on, Will!

    • Ben Factor

      Then you don’t think OJ was an odd call for the photo, or you don’t think the odd call was worthy of press coverage?

    • gotroy22

      If Scott is so bad why do you read his blog every day?

    • WELL???….we’re WAITING!!! (Judge Smails voice)

      • TrojanFan

        At 6:00am, you were already trolling this blog, pathetic. What fuels your undying obsession, we would ALL like to know?

        • Ted

          Clown, look up what “pot calling the kettle black” means.

          • TrojanFan

            You have a massive hard-on for me! ……creeeepy!

            The tree house club is where you need to be directing your efforts. Demented Charlie can fill you in with details……OK!!!

        • Joe Blow

          Come on TF, bucket just got home from work.

          • TrojanFan

            My bad!!!!

  • Ted


  • is it really a surprise, wolfman?? even though OJ is a low down wife killing scumbag doing life, HEY, like it or don’t like it, HE IS he’s the FACE OF SOUTHERN CAL!!!

    c’mon trOXans, EMBRACE your LEGACY!!!

    we at UCLA embrace OUR LEGACY:

    Jackie Robinson

    John Wooden

    Arthur Ashe

    Troy Aikman

    Rafer Johnson

    Ann Meyers

    Jackie Joyner

    i COULD go on and one with more real AMERICAN HEROES and ICONS, but i have to run!!! CIAO!!

    • TrojanFan

      Let me add one, Sam Gilbert!!!……enough said

    • Joe Blow

      If you double it, it’s almost as many years since fulca won 1/2 of a NC in football.

  • gotroy22

    There were no pictures of Mike Garrett, Charles White, Marcus Allen, Carson Palmer and Matt Leinart ?

  • socaldude

    This isn’t exactly unprecedented. I’m sure Penn St is sending out pics of Sandusky and Florida is distributing pics of Hernandez.

  • Joe Blow

    I’ll take OJ and Jim Murray (LA Times) over two second (third?) teamers any day, i.e. Jim Sears and Scott Wolf.

    • TrojanFan

      If you find the time, can you give Demented Charlie a few crotch kicks. The loser is out of control and the meds are not helping……thanks!!!!

      Dementia is so nasty stuff!!!

      • Joe Blow

        I’m going easy on him this week. bucket found out some one was licking his “bacon”. Poor guy. But she wasn’t that great of a pig anyway.