USC Sunday Buzz

vidalPhoto/Corey Mansfield

Former USC WR Vidal Hazelton is off to a good start with the New York Jets, where he joins QB Mark Sanchez.


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  • typical trOXan flame-out!!! 5 star hyped recruit, left Southern Cal cause he couldn’t comPETE, since then (Undrafted) Zero catches for Zero yards in Zero games after 4 seasons of trying to play in NFL.

    but nothing new for “Wide Out U”….or is it Wipe Out U???????

    Last season, Wipe Out U had exactly ONE WR play in the NFL who actually played and caught a pass (AK transfer Damian Williams) .

    whereas last season, UCLA had THREE receivers playing AND producing in the NFL!!!!!

    oh, i GOTTA get the wolfman to hold an Open Forum to get his take on this!!!

    • TrojanFan

      You stupid idiot(Dementia is some nasty stuff) quit telling lies your nose is growing!

      The ruins had three receivers catch passes for a total of 84. The only true WR was undrafted Matt Willis, but he is primarily a special teams player and is a last-option at the WR position. Their combined career stats are really pathetic

      USC had 7 different players catch passes for a total of 133. Williams numbers(92 catches over 2 1/2 seasons) could be better considering he missed 8 games with an injury his rookie year, also plays for one of the worse passing teams in the NFL over the last three seasons

      So “Demential charlie”, what exactly is making you feel all tingly, please respond. This stuff is waaaay out of your wheelhouse. I have to correct you everytime, pathetic. Stick to butt darts and shower trolling, less chance of making a fool of yourself


      • Guest

        Demential is not a word (although dimensional is, with the operative word here being one). You mean demented.

        • TrojanFan

          Let me make it more formal

        • looks like Trojan Family tried to delete his message rather than being seen agreeing with a coo-coo bird!! by the way i didn’t say TE’s RB’s and FB’s did i??

          Wipe Out U, LOVE IT!!

          • TrojanFan

            You have one undrafted special teams/want-a-be receiver (Willis) that caught 10 passes for 90 yards for the entire season and you called it, “producing in the NFL!!!!!”

            You have no fucing idea what you’re talking about. The guy isn’t even a primary receiver and the other two receivers are TE’s. By the way, a TE is considered a receiver and the 7 I mentioned are all true receivers no RB’s or FB’s

            Corrected AGAIN!!!!!

            Looks like you’re the foolish clown,, ….hahaha!!!

  • B.Miller

    Former Cincinnati WR