Lane Kiffin To Close Practices

The public might be allowed to attend a few training camp practices but Lane Kiffin said today practices would be closed to the media and public in the regular season. USC officials were unsure if the public might get a couple viewing days during the season but it did not sound like Kiffin wants too many people at practices.
The decision to ban the media only affects those who agreed to attend and not report about injuries last season. They will no longer be allowed under any circumstances. Kiffin’s wanted to close practices since 2010 and it seems the pressure surrounding the program allowed him to finally get his wish.

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  • Joe Blow

    Guess who caused THAT Mr. Wolf?

  • rusoviet

    That’s as much Nikias, Haden as well as Kiffin – i.e. Lane ain’t Pete

    • Joe Blow

      and Haden ain’t Garrett and Nikias ain’t Sample. Say what you like, but at least MG, SS and PC were WINNERS.

      • gotroy22

        Exactly. Kiffin is a loser so closing practices to hide his lame game plans just alienates fans further.

        • Joe Blow

          Sorry jock sniffers like you can’t get a wiff during the week.

  • It just takes one person to ruin it for everyone, especially when the one person likes to make things about them rather than what is actually supposed to be reported.

  • old_trojan_93

    Give the man what he wants so there’ll be no excuses when he gets the sack.

    PS you get a nice view of Howard Jones field from the south side of Webb Tower above the 4th floor.