Open Forum

Time for questions with training camp starting this week. One question per person please.

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  • Booyakasha

    If I were to say you are as good a journalist as Kiffin is a Head coach, how would you rate Kiffin on a scale of 0-10.

    • B.Miller


      • Joe Blow

        He won’t answer either.

    • marvgoux1

      Your questions ar as good as the job Kiffin has done at USC.

  • Booyakasha

    What is your response to USC’s statement that said ‘you falsely reported that Kiffin and Polamalu were not on speaking terms after he was let go from his job’.

    • marvgoux1

      Isn’t USC also denying they deflated the football in the Oregon game and didn’t switch the players jersey? Why would you trust everything that that Kiffin claims after his long history of trouble with the turth? Do you have a brain?

  • Stu Azole

    What do you make of the wild discrepancy in predictions for SC this year? Some have them 3rd in the South or worse, and others in the national top 10. What do YOU think?

  • Jethro G Sabbath


    Do you think Charlie Bucket will ask a loaded question in this forum?

    • if by loaded you mean loaded with insight, Vulcan-like logic and razor-sharp witticisms, then yes, you can take that to the BANK!! (jabbing index finger)

      • Joe Blow

        I think you mean with slop, ignorance and inciting.

        • your sentence is incongruent: you list two nouns and one verb.

          better choice would have been “slop ignorance…and agitation”

          (i wonder how many Dummies will instantly spell check this comment ??…my guess: seven)

          • Joe Blow

            How about F U?

      • Jethro G Sabbath

        Thanks for pointing out the index finger thing. I would have thought you were spinning around and waving your arms in the air.

  • rusoviet

    Curious why this comment by Lee per Lane Kiffin wasn’t posted on your report as quoted from last Friday? By Trenise Ferreira – Reign of Troy

    “It’s no secret that Kiffin’s play-calling in 2012 left much to be
    desired, and is partly responsible for the team’s 7-6 record last year.
    But he called the plays in 2011 and the Trojans went 10-2, finishing the
    season on a 6-1 tear.

    Whatever is to come from Kiffin this year, Lee stands behind his coach.

    “I would play for Kiffin until I die. Even at the next level.”

    Lee said that Kiffin gets criticized often, but that he takes it in
    stride and just tries to make sure his players maintain a positive

    “A lot of people just see the negative and the things they think he’s
    doing wrong. I think people see him as a young coach, and we didn’t
    have the season we wanted last year, so I think a lot of fans just see
    the bad in him.”

    According to Lee however, were it not for Kiffin, he would not be the
    player he is today nor would he be in the position–Biletnikoff Winner,
    Pac-12 and USC record holder and future NFL star–that he is.”

    • Stu Azole

      the guy who gets the ball every play would probably say that. Wake me when Robert Woods says the same.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Scott, with the new targeting rule by the NCAA whereby the guilty player is automatically ejected from the game, and with USC having lacked a disciplined defense, as well as meaningful depth, especially in the secondary, losing a player due to this rule could be devastating. My question is who will be the first USC player to be ejected from a game this year?

    • Booyakasha

      Losing somebody in the secondary wouldn’t be the most devastating. The safety depth is pretty good. The corners are all unproven, so replacing one with another can’t really lower the bar further. Losing Pullard would probably be more impactful.

      • Stu Azole

        Thanks, Scott. Booya!

  • BallHog

    Who do you think starts at QB?

  • B.Miller

    How are the injuries looking? Can we get any information regarding injuries from the Spring?

  • Bestlakersfan

    You are a disgrace to journalism, specifically sports journalism, and to your Alma Mater. Please quit.

  • Helen

    I was mildly concerned with your bromance with Pete Carroll and then Matt Barkley, but now you seemed fixated with the wives of Lane Kiffin and Andy Enfield – any chance you can focus on USC football and the upcoming season? How about bringing back Aja Dang as she always provided an insightful perspective.

    • Jethro G Sabbath


      Were you reading the blog back then or are you just another handle of somebody who has been coming here for years?

      • geez Louise!! Jezro why are you hounding all the gals and claiming they are Bucket?? we went over this and you agreed Helen is not Bucket!! neither is Victoria or Karla or any other sports interested females around here!!

        and by the way, asking an nice elderly lady “what’s your deal???” Yoi! and Double Yoi!!!!

        • Jethro G Sabbath

          Referring to her as “elderly” isn’t very polite and how would you know that she’s nice?
          Are the two of you closer than you are letting on?

          • Jezro, any comment on the fact your hero Jesse “the Body” Ventura’s show (your favorite) got cancelled?? Conspiracy Theory was given the boot despite the fact rating were up and Oliver Stone’s boy was on the show….AND there are rumors of un-aired episodes due the fact airing them would be a threat to “Natl Security”

  • Joe Blow

    Scott, in all seriousness, when are you going to get over your vendetta against Kiffin? What is the root of it? That he continues to ignore you? That he makes more $$$ than you? Jealous of his personal life? What is it? Does not make sense. Your overall reporting loses all impact over this nonsense.

    • take a knee, wolfman i GOT THIS!!

      Kiff started it by trying to ban wolfman!! then Kiff had to eat S#&% on Natl TV and apologize!! so wolfman has every right, and a DUTY to keep beating on Kiff like Drago wailing on Apollo Creed!!!

      wolfman’s reportage is second to NONE!!!

      • Joe Blow

        If I wanted a moron to answer, I would have referenced you.

        • gotroy22

          What was the most shocking thing you covered during the Pete Carroll era?

  • Bill Agnew

    With the surplus of tailbacks we now have heading into this year, any chance either freshman running back red shirts? Especially Ty Issac? Or are both too talented to be able to do that?

  • wolfman, thanks for the Forum, the Bruins AND trOXans i know all agree you do an amazing job on this blog!!

    my question concerns the Video Segments you used to do. i felt they were informative and your natural grace and ease in front of the camera made for entertaining banter as well!!

    two part question:

    1) will you reinstate the Video Logs this season??? ( say yes, PUHH-LEEEEEZE!!!!)

    2) serious question: can you pass on suggestion to Sothern Cal that they get Kiff some public speaking training??? it can work wonders and OMG!!! Kiff is totally PAINFUL to watch!! he is so uncomfortable and awkward, when he’s on TV you just want for him to be able to crawl under the table!! it’s a shame too cause everyone seems to agree he is witty and charming in person (that MUST come out in recruiting cause the Kiff on TV couldn’t lead a fat guy to a box of doughnuts!!!) thanks wolfman!!!


    I’ve known Kiffin since 2001 and have found him evasive when asked direct questions. At Salute To Troy in Kiffin’s first year, he stated before the entire Trojan family that he missed and wanted us at practice. In your opinion why has he changed his stance and can he rebuild bridges with the faithful. The latest story about viewing practice seems to put one more nail in his coffin with the alumni.

  • Violet

    Mr. Wolf, I have a comment and a question. My comment is I agree with your observation that Pat Haden’s video about Lane was uninspiring if not downright specious. And it raised more questions than it did quell concerns. I feel Lane has great qualities, but I think calling plays is not one of them.

    For example, he used so many “bubble screens” presumably to draw in the secondary and thus set up deep passes, but without regard to the fact Matt was not very good at throwing the outside deep ball. I think establishing the run was more important. Alabama, Oregon, and Stanford, the three best coached teams in my opinion, all run the ball first. Our Trojans seem to have talent in lots or areas, but I don’t see plays complimenting these talents. It’s always bubble screens to Marquis.

    But my question is: why did Pat Haden feel compelled to make this ham-handed video?

  • Nemesis

    There have been several allegations that Coach Enfield tampered with Isaac Hamilton. What have you heard about this issue.

  • David Keeling

    In your opinion Scott, who was the better headcoach during their tenure at USC: John McKay or Pete Carroll?

  • Caster Troy

    Does being the most disrespected and ridiculed journalist in the LA area ever make you consider switching careers?

  • marvgoux1

    What is Max Browne’s opinion on redshirting and sitting the next 2 seasons? Is he ok with it or would he consider transferring if he sees a logjam ahead of him with Wittek and Kessler returning next year with one as the anointed starter?

  • Vulfman, I am LUFFINK zee blog! SANK YOU!

    My qvestion is do you sink zere is any schance vhatesoever, zat Matt Vitteck vill schtill be zee schtartink QB by zee AZ game?

    Assumink zee answer is NO– und vee BOS know zhat is zee answer– vhat does zis mean for
    zee Trojinks season??

    Zey vill play zee Vildcats, Rudys, OR ST, zee Cardinal und UCLA vis a tremblink-kneed pup vis no game experience!! Eizer Kessler or Brown!! Und Lose zem all!!

    AH! AH! AH!

    Do you agree vis zis humble wampire’s reasonink?