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LaneKiffin3002During Pat Haden’s support video last week, he said of Lane Kiffin: “He’s a dynamic playcaller in my estimation.”

But during the same video, Haden said USC must “convert more on third downs” this season. The Trojans ranked ninth in the Pac-12 last season on third-down conversions (34.2 percent).

So who’s fault was that? Matt Barkley? Marqise Lee? Robert Woods? Silas Redd? No, the scapegoat is the offensive line, of course. But isn’t that the type of situation that precisely calls for a dynamic play?


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  • Trojan Hoarse

    Wow….have you been dissecting Haden’s video all weekend, Wolf?…….aren’t there more compelling topic’s to discuss?…..

    • Spedjones

      topic’s? LOL, silly unedumacated trogies.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        I would have expected nothing more from you, Spud….good job. …Thank you for not letting us down. ….

    • gotroy22

      Like what? Camp hasn’t started yet.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Like perhaps the new targeting rule?….but you’re right. …we’ll wait for camp to start. …you win. ….

  • OHHHHHHHHH!!! wolfman getting DOWN!!! to the SOUNDS!!!!

    wolfman i have recently commented on your awe inspiring powers of deduction, but now you are going all 221B up in this here Biiatch!!!!

    Bounce Pass BUSTED with his own testimony!!!

    i haven’t seen a devastating direct examination like that since Lt Caffey destroyed Col Nathan R Jessup!!!

    BRAVO, wolfman!!!! BRA-VO!!!!!!

  • Cheap seats

    I’m sure glad media guys like Wolf aren’t athletic directors or coaches.

    If you’ve seen the way USC practices, you’ll see were many of their issues on 3rd down come from. And no — I’m not talking about “pad vs. no pads”. The offense lacks an identity.

    FYI Wolf — this goes way beyond simply “calling plays” or what plays were called.

    It’s almost like saying a 4 cylinder 1.8 motor isn’t fast enough in quarter mile because the driver isn’t shifting fast enough.

  • “I’ll have the Denny’s grand slam breakfast,a side of biscuits and coffee…”

  • B.Miller

    How many times are you going to re-write the same post? In 6 other post you have mentioned Kiffin calling plays.. and even posted a survey