Pat Haden Urges You To Drop DirecTV For Pac-12 Network

Last week Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said all coaches and athletic directors dropped DirecTV. And here is USC athletic director Pat Haden’s testimonial.
“I switched from DirecTV to Time Warner Cable and I’m incredibly happy,” Haden said.
But what if you have DirecTV and do not get the Pac-12 Network and are incredibly happy? Or don’t like the idea of Larry Scott telling you what to do?

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  • WEB_Dupree


  • Trojan Hoarse

    Go to a sports bar that carries the Pac-12 Network or to a friend’s house who has Time Warner Cable. … DO have friends, right, Scott?

  • ThaiMex

    This guy should be selling used cars….Oh, Wait a minute……..I almost forgot…..
    fit UN torgans!

    • rusoviet

      Hey Siam-Villa Haden’s just ahead of all the other Pac-12 ad’s and based on the legion of bel-airians fans that attended the last two Pac-12 Championship Football Games perhaps it’s understandable why one hasn’t heard from Guerrero.

  • Dennis Hogan

    Or what if Time Warner is not available in your are?

    • Joe Blow

      Move to the high cotton part of town.

  • oneillwatch

    I guess the Larry Scott doesn’t understand the concept of a market-clearing price…obviously he has a product his prospective customers don’t think can profitably sell at his price…and obviously his customers are betting that they will lose less losing a few customers than buying the the Pac-12 Network will cost them. Have I gotten past the first three minutes of Econ 101 yet? Are you lost yet, Mr. Scott? Lower your price and see what happens…by the way,Pat Haden may be a first…the first person who has ever been “incredibly happy” with Time Warner.

    • rusoviet

      Amen – two years ago this December I bailed on Time Warner – good riddance.

      BTW Fox Sports 1 will be on Direct TV

      • ThaiMex

        Thank you for your incredibly insightful post….(you do realize FOX owns Direct TV don’t you?). THIS JUST IN………”Diet Coke to be manufactured and distributed by the Coke people”. (We gotta get off the air!)
        fit UN torgan

        • rusoviet

          Uh don’t think so but believe what you want

          • ThaiMex

            “Uh yeah”…..
            “The San Antonio River runs thru downtown Los Angeles”
            fit UN torgan!

          • Trojan Hoarse

            More stale and dated Jim Healy references….how unoriginal….. don’t get me wrong, I loved Jim Healy as much as the next Angeleno, but this shows that you’re very likely to be over 50 years old (just like fellow cadre member and leader of the pack Bucket… how very queer, no?)…..very sad to know that your life turned out like this, eh My Thai?….trying to give your life some meaning by harassing others on a blog..on a daily basis…. anonymously behind the glare of your computer monitor….I gotta admit… you’re the best at it… least you’re consistent and persistent…..

          • rusoviet

            You have no facts re. Direct TV – Fox – time to leave the room.

  • rusoviet

    I’m guessing ‘free cable’ is ‘NOW’ part of Haden’s perks as AD

  • marvgoux1

    How creepy- Lying Larry forcing all the coaches and ADs to stop using a product. He’s really a weirdo and a control freak.

  • disqus_c241SH7rMI

    Leave Directv or FIOS great quality product for Time Warner? I don’t think so. I like to record games & look at them again (Since all the games on the Pac 12 network are home games we will attend) but not that badly.



    • altoman

      I didn’t think it had been announced who would carry all of SC’s games yet.

  • gotroy22

    Where does Larry Scott get off telling anybody what kind of system to use in their own home? Does he send out SWAT teams to break in and search each coach’s house to make sure he is complying? If a coach sneaks some Directv does he get suspended by the Pac 12?

    • altoman

      He’s trying to get a consensus to leverage an agreement between the Pac12 and Directv.
      It’s not rocket science. It’s good for the Pac12.

  • Funny this is going around as Time Warner is about to drop CBS…

  • LiveAndLetLive

    Dropping Scott Wolf is far more logical.