USC formally announced today that it would have closed practices with the chance a couple training camp practices would be open to the public. UCLA announced that its training camp practices in San Bernardino will be open to the public.

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  • wolfman, you KNOW the Cadre loves you like a brother!!! but isn’t this UCLA vs Southern Cal segment title passe? there is no real competition between the two schools!!!

    Southern Cal is a shipwreck and we are a Carnival Cruiser with working toilets!!

    i mean, they don’t say “Hammer vs Nail” or “Shark vs Seal” do they???

    • Caster Troy

      You will most likely pretend that you didn’t see the quotes I posted below you creepy d0uchbag LOL

  • Joe Blow

    Both schools will have the same number of spectators at practice.

    BTW, who the F wants to go to San Bernardino?

  • One way to keep people out of practice is to hold it 3 hours from campus…

  • 8claPsuckS

    Scott, please go cover UCLA in San Bernardino…please. I’ll even pay for your gas.

    • Joe Blow

      I’ll split it with you.

    • gotroy22

      You would love Pete Arboghast to take his place.

  • Caster Troy

    “It’s a good thing this world is run by USC graduates.” — TJ Slimers, LA Times.

    “It’s funny — ever since USC surpassed UCLA in the U.S. News & World Report rankings, there’s been an edginess among the Bruin faithful. We have always maintained athletic dominance, and now that we have academic superiority, you just feel sorry for people who have anything to do with UCLA.” — Will Ferrell.
    So true, gotta love it

  • rusoviet

    When the sun goes down they can look out and watch all the meth labs blowing up

  • B.Miller

    SO WHAT?
    I wonder if I go over to the UCLA blog would they discuss USC as much as they discuss UCLA over here?