Andy Enfield Offers 6-8 Mater Dei Freshman Billy Preston

Why should Lane Kiffin have all the fun offering seventh-and-eighth graders? Andy Enfield got into the act and offered incoming Mater Dei freshman Billy Preston, who graduates in 2017.

Enfield still has a way to go to catch Tim Floyd, who got a commitment from 8th-grade point guard Ryan Boatright, who was later dropped by Kevin O’Neill. Boatright is currently starting at UConn.

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  • marvgoux1

    Nothin’ from nothin’ leaves nothin’
    You gotta have somethin’ if you wanna be with SC.

    • you jumped all over that one like Eric Karros jumping on a hanging change-up!!!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        …or like YOU jumping on that fat chick at the end of the bar when they announce last call……

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          • Joe Blow

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    • TrojanFan

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      • grave soul

        TFail, why don’t you go find a CSU Bakersfield blog if that’s where you went to school? You didn’t even attend usc, right?

        • TrojanFan


          Dementia is some nasty stuff

          • betomas

            You’re right that this pathetic loser did not attend USC. But he attended Cal Poly SLO (that’s why he’s a little slow on the uptake) and Allan Hancock College where he played some balls. CSUB rejected this slow dude.

            He’s a wannabe Trojan fan who has nothing better to do so he trolls this site 24/7.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            HEY!… My daughter went to Cal Poly SLO and it’s a much better university than you may realize….do a little homework, and you’ll see….in fact, John Madden and Ozzie Smith attended school there….

          • betomas

            Hey Trojan Hoarse, I’m just using a play on words to make fun of the pathetic fool that TFail is and always will be. No offense to your daughter–both Cal Polys (SLO and Pomona) are good schools, especially if students want to go into engineering or the sciences.

          • Trojan Hoarse

            No worries…..I just standing up for good little univerity, but now I see what you did… SLO…. I get it….I guess that I’m a little slow, too…. Ha!…. FIght On!

          • TrojanFan

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          • betomas

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            With the talent we have, USC will eventually rise again. Fight On!!

          • TrojanFan

            I must be in “your head” because 95% of your comments are directed at me…..Thanks for the 6th grade comment, looks like up moved me up three grades

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          • TrojanFan

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        • betomas

          It’s probably best to do what most everyone else does on this site and ignore him. I already messed up by replying to that poor sap when I meant to reply to you.