Eddie Vanderdoes and Future Of The Letter Of Intent

With Eddie Vanderdoes winning his appeal, linebacker Matthew Thomas almost trying to get out of his letter with Florida State to transfer to USC and basketball player Isaac Hamilton  still hoping to get of his letter with UTEP (and possibly go to USC), here’s a good article on the future of the letter of intent.

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  • wolfman, you KNOW i LOVE you like a BROTHER!!! but perhaps the question here is not why NLI agreements are being broken, but why is everyone trying to get AWAY from Southern Cal???

    leaving the trOXans crying in the rain on NLI day is becoming as much of a fashionable thing for young athletes to do as break dancing or parachute pants!!!

    and why is UCLA always scooping up these last second defectors??? gee, i WONDER????

    • Joe Blow

      fucla has ALWAYS taken seconds….like you.

      • Trojan Hoarse

        Parachute pants?…………

    • TrojanFan

      Scoop them all up!!!!…The results are always the same, mediocrity!

  • The signed commitment of the National Letter of Intent is the new Verbal! Congrats NCAA, in trying to look good to the public over your years of mismanagement, it appears you are willing to allow the inmates run the asylum. Conference leaders would/should step in, but some are more concerned over getting people to switch cable companies.

  • Helen

    The NCAA must have their heads up their a$$ to continue to allow phony “sick relatives” as an excuse for backing out of written commitments. If Vanderdoes really wanted to be close to sick relatives then he would have chosen a school close to home like Cal or Stanford or the many state universities in the area. The reality is he will be no closer to home than if he were at ND.

  • B.Miller

    THE NCAA IS A JOKE! No one takes the NCAA serious, they are a bunch of clowns following other clowns..

    • Trojan Hoarse

      No disrespect to Doink, of course…….