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You knew Oregon (and Nike owner Phil Knight) were not going to just sit still when USC built the McKay Center. And here it is, the new Football Performance Center. Knight actually donated money to the McKay Center and attended last year’s opening ceremony.

Those are 64 55-inch TV screens in the lobby, by the way.

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  • LamontRaymond

    But you have to go to school in Oregon for 4 years.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    I guess that it would be a stretch to consider this lavish facility an “extra benefit”?

    Extra Benefits – What You Must Know:

    8. An enrolled student-athlete is … a student who is presently participating in athletics or has completed his/her eligibility and is still enrolled at the institution.

    9. An extra benefit is … any special gift or arrangement provided to an enrolled student athlete or a student athlete’s relative or friend which is not available to the general student body of that institution. Extra benefit legislation also may apply to gifts or arrangements (other than legitimate jobs or mentoring relationships) following the student-athlete’s graduation.

    Rules to Remember:

    10. Representatives of Athletics Interests cannot provide an “extra benefit” or special arrangements to an enrolled student-athlete that is not available to all other students at the University.

    11. If a student-athlete accepts any benefit based on his/her athletic ability, that athlete will lose all eligibility for intercollegiate athletic participation. If the student-athlete has completed eligibility, the institution is still responsible and may receive penalties applied to the sport program. Additionally, the booster or representative involved may be told to disassociate from the University’s athletics program.

  • B.Miller

    NIKE U!