Who Is `Doing Work?’

An annoying phrase I’m seeing lately on twitter and elsewhere occurs whenever a recruit commits to USC or elsewhere. Someone inevitably remarks that the coach or coaches are “doing work.”

Really? They’re working? I thought USC paid some of its football assistant coaches seven figures to play basketball at lunch time. They actually do their jobs? If a recruit commits to USC, a coach is doing what he is expected to do: Get athletes.

It’s not worth a pat on the head that isn’t even logical. What happens when a recruit goes to another school? Is the assistant “not doing work?”

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  • TieMex

    Scott, maybe you should try “doin’ work.” You’ve been ripping off your bosses for too long with your half-ass, trolling efforts. You’re a disgrace to your USC degree.

    • Cheap seats

      Serious, huh?

      Meanwhile, on the UCLA blog, Jack’s coverage seems to be of much higher quality but likely gets 1/4th the amount of site hits.

      The only reason this site gets visits is because it’s FREE and the troll lynching is more entertaining than Scott’s blogs.

      Then again, it might actually be Scott stirring things up in the comments section posting as various names. Just creepy…

      • Trojan Hoarse

        And don’t forget, the more “hits” this blog receives (good, bad or indifferent), the more they can charge their sponsors for advertising…”There is no such thing as bad publicity”…… the media has become a complete joke……and a bad one at that….

      • ted


      • gotroy22

        The ruin blogger only posts once or twice a week and posts filler articles. You rah rahs think quality is posting propaganda from the Sports Information Director..

    • and YOU, you imposter, are a disgrace to the handle Tiemex!!!

      you dont have the GAME to pull this off!! you got no élan, no fusion of ancient thai wisdom mixed with Hipanic macho swagger!!!

      in other words, you are a jive honky!!! now spilt before Thai finds out. he’s on parole and i don’t want him getting his third strike on a pencil-neck geek like you!!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        “Hipanic”?…..Yes, Bucket…. you put the panic in Hispanic, alright………

      • TrojanFamily

        I think you forgot to log into your ThaiMex account to respond. He’s Carlos Danger. This one is Chuckles the Clown.

      • TrojanFamily

        FYI, Chuckles, presuming because your imaginary friend of color has a record is just a little, oh what’s the word….it begins with an r

      • Joe Blow

        F U

    • Joe Blow


  • Trojan Hoarse

    You’re annoyed with this, Wolf?…..Wow….there are so many other things in this world to be “annoyed” with, instead of dwelling on football assistant coaches who play basketball AT LUNCH TIME!!!!……it’s their freaking lunch beak, Wolf!……….Now I agree that coaches are expected to get athletes, as that is part of why they are being compensated….but honestly…..I think I just found the perfect gift for you… the Richard Carlson book “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”……

    • WEB_Dupree

      Even worse, some have been known to sit around eating food and drinking soda during lunch time!

      • Trojan Hoarse

        ha!…. Exactly!…. as long as those sodas don’t exceed 16 ounces……

  • Leon

    What a fucking tool you are, Wolf. You’re obviously too old to understand what “doin work” means and you’re obviously a complete idiot to be concerned about how USC coaches spend their lunch break. Get a life, ahole.

  • Classic wolfman!!!

    calling it LIKE IT IS!!!

    no surprise the resident crybabies will cry and moan about it, but you hit the nail on the head AS ALWAYS!!!

    wolfman, the SMART people get you.

    but lets face it, wolfman, the Dummies around here are so contrarian to anything you say, i am CONVINCED if you said: “don’t eat cat turds”, the Dummies would start gobbling them up like Moon Pies!!!

    • TieMex

      I’ll share my cat turds with you.

    • Joe Blow

      F U again. Oink

      • why do you keep reminding everyone how far in your head i am?? Dummy.

        AND that the Farmer story has left you devastated… ; )

        • Joe Blow

          I’m real devastated. Great job, beach house, MBZ, beautiful wife. Yep, real devastated. How’s your pig? Hawr Hawr Hawr

          • easy, Elmer Fudd, i know, i know,,,, your wife is Lolo Jones and you own a mansion and a yacht.

            and the human bidet, T-FAIL, is NOT Suspended again!!!

          • Joe Blow

            You’re as jealous of me and TF as SW is of Kiff. Very unbecoming of a pig farmer.

  • Wesley Snipes

    Isn’t “doing your job” the same as “doing work”??? I’m confused by Wolf’s scatter shot rant/post (surprise).

    When the staff gets a key recruit, they say they’re “doing work” — which is kind of like saying “job well done.” What’s wrong with this again?

    Does Wolf demand literal language only? Wolf, as the great protector of the English language and its usage, please practice what you preach.

  • Evil Robot

    Scott, some of the coaches are paid seven figures AND play basketball at lunch. You get the low five figures to cut and paste the Athlon preview issue and complain about uniforms . You also eat sandwiches at lunch. That doesn’t mean you get paid low five figures to eat sandwiches!

    That aside, your being totally out of touch with contemporary slang phases should serve you well in covering 18-23 year-olds.

  • B.Miller

    You cant be that White!
    Its just a “saying”, stop taking it to heart..

    • Trojan Hoarse

      No, he really IS that White………in fact, he still wears a cardigan sweater and penny loafers…..with a bright and shiny penny neatly tucked into each shoe!!!